This $8 Target Candle Is A Dead Ringer For One That Costs $87

Love designer scented candles but don't like the price tag? We're here to help...

If only there was smellavision, this story would be very popular. You see,  it's all about scented candles. In particular, candles you can nab on the cheap. And that smell like far more expensive ones.

Everyone loves a candle, right? And most of us would love to shell out a lot of money to have our favourite scent wafting through the house, but find those designer scents we love are a little out of our every day price range.  But there are a couple of great knock-offs around.

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For example, this Fig Leaf  & Verbena soy blend candle, $8 from Target is said to smell just like Diptyque's  $87 Figuier Candle.  A subtle figgy scent that shares notes with its expensive and luxe cousin for a fraction of the price? We'll take 10. And don't get us wrong, we'd take 10 of the real thing too,  if we could afford that many.

Then there is the Kmart Pink Peonies Decadent Scent Candle, $9, which fans are saying is reminiscent of Diptyque’s bestselling smell, ‘Baies’. Which retails for, you guessed it, $87.

Other great candle bargains that mean you should run, not walk, to your local shopping centre include the oh-so-artesenal-looking Apothecary candle range from Target, including this Rosemary scented beauty for just $10.

Aldi's $12.99 marble effect candle is part of their regular special buys, and it's worth scouring the catalogues for its return.

IKEA's NJUTNING Lavender bliss, lilac candle, $9, is a delightful warm scent  -- you can also get the same style in a heady bergamot variety or an earthy herbal garden. Cheap as, well, meatballs.

Scentsia Love & Romance Of Paris Soy Candle, $25a highly scented soy candle with a big dose of floral.

Feature image: Target