The 'Changing Rooms' Experts Sure Love Green, And Here's Why

The colour everyone's using on 'Changing Rooms' is quite surprising -- dark green for the win!

Watching Changing Rooms this week you would have noticed that both experts -- Jane Thomson and Tim Leveson -- used a lot of a particular colour in their makeovers.

That colour, in case you haven't been paying attention, was green. Lots and lots of it, in fact. And like many of us, the couples whose homes were being made over weren't keen on green. 'Til it was seen. Which seems mean...

"I used green a lot in houses, and in hotels and food and beverage spaces too -- I think it's a really calming colour," Leveson told 10 daily. "It's like blue, it's an engaging colour to use.

"I'm a big fan of the particular green I used, gumleaf green. It's also quite matte so it takes light in well and doesn't reflect a lot."

It's a good way to bring the natural Australian landscape into the house  -- all the colours of the bush."

A lot of people do a feature wall with green or one piece of furniture -- is that the way we at home should use the colour, rather than branching out with a whole room?  Well yes and no.

"I think feature walls can be amazing if they're done properly, said Leveson.  "But you have to be careful with things like that -- the green has to be subtle. You don't want to put a bright apple green on a wall unless it's a kid's room."

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"I'm a big believer in using colour in any way that you can," he told 10 daily. "Whether it's a chair or a bedhead or a feature wall or, yes, even the whole room."

"You're living in these spaces and it's so easy to have everything white and everything plain," he continued, "but it's really engaging to have a bit of colour in your life -- I think that is what the show can teach people really."

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You don't have to live in white boxes. When it comes to living in a space, engage in the space and give it some personality."

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