How To Change Up Your Rented Place Without Losing Your Bond

There are many things you can do to decorate a rental that won't upset your real estate. No nail gun required.

If you’ve ever read through your lease, you’ll know that the list of things you can’t do to your home is pretty extensive. No wallpaper, no nails or screws, no pets, no fun. And if you do dare hang a picture on the wall, your real estate inspection time can be pretty scary, right? But you know, there are things you CAN do to a rental property without getting chucked out for a cheeky nail.

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"People renting often feel that they are limited to how they can decorate their home and get it looking the way they want," home stylist and decorator Zoe Gilpin told 10 daily. "But there are some easy ways to get around the rental decorating trap that allows you to have an amazing looking home without making enemies with your property manager or landlord."

Layering Floor Rugs

"Rental properties often don’t have fancy flooring so hiding it with floor rugs is a great and inexpensive idea," Zoe told 10 daily. Use a large plain rug such as a jute/sisal design as the base, then layer with a smaller design which incorporates colour and texture." And voila.  Instant room makeover.

Lean some framed artwork

"If you can't hang artworks on the wall," says Zoe, "then play around with leaning them over each other to create a layered look. They can be leant on the floor or on the top of furniture. If you can, installing picture ledges are a great way to add artwork to walls without having to drill multiple holes."

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If you're in an art deco block, you could be lucky enough to have an old school picture rail anyway -- in which case, hang those picture hooks with gay abandon -- working with different heights to keep things interesting.

DIY lighting

Can't change up your home too much? You CAN always change lighting. Buy yourself some lamps and ditch the overheads once and for all.

Or, get some great looking light pendants without needing an electrician! "These DIY pendant lights are perfect for renters as they are simply installed via an existing bayonet ceiling light fixture," said Zoe.

Stick it up

"Made from polyester material, peel and stick decals -- which are really popular at the moment --  and removable wallpapers are perfect for decorating walls in a rental as they can be taken down when you move and won't damage the walls," she told 10 daily.

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You can choose from the amazing pattens of designers like Orly Keily (above) to Florence Broadhurst, (below) for instance. Or use something a little more -- shall we say -- eye catching, like a city scape or your favourite view.

Plants plant plants

"Greenery always improves the look of a room." says Zoe. And she's right. And a bunch of plants of differing sizes and colours can make a room come to life (and don't forget their benefits when it comes to cleaning the air you breathe). Not a green thumb?

Artificial plants these days are very realistic looking whilst also being very affordable. No messy soil or watering means they are a perfect addition for a rental property."

Don’t just limit your plants to the living room, add them to your bathroom too. Many plants, like cacti, love the climate of a warm room and thrive in bathroom spaces.

Start a still life

A vignette (as they're called in the decor trade) is a grouping of objects -- homewares such as a vase or bowl, some flowers and other natural elements, mementos and art and craft. Or a pile of books, perhaps.

They help to add personality to your space, to bring it to life. So find your favourite things that you have collected over the years and group them to create a little display. These work well in the living room, on a dining table, in a bathroom and your bedroom.

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