You Know You Can Get Removeable Wallpaper, Right?

Renting? Want to update you walls and still get your bond back? Try these stick on wallpaper ideas. The landlord need never know.

Attention renters. Are you living in a badly painted, dull and dire rental apartment (for a ludicrous amount of money at that?)

Did you know that you can wallpaper the sh** outta that joint? Yes, you can. NO, WE MEAN IT.

You see,  if you didn't know already, you can get removable wallpaper. Some simply sticks to the wall like a giant sticker, while others are rolled on as normal but with advances in paper and glue, they peel off with goddam ease.

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Finally! And if you want to get really swish, you can get custom stickers done -- think a giant image of your dog's head or a photo you're really proud of.

Or just dots.

Say Aidan Griffin from, regardless of which you choose, they're perfect for those of us who hate bare white walls and want to mix things up.

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"Our wallpapers are perfect for renters who love to decorate.  It's revolutionising the wallpaper industry and the way we all think about wallpaper. Gone are the days when it was impossible to put up and even more impossible to tear down," he told 10 daily.

And  Jennifer Menz, director of The Wall Sticker Company, agreed.

"Yes our removable wallpapers are becoming more popular," she said. "Customers are still discovering the benefits of our product where you get the look and feel of a traditional wallpaper, but without the glue and water and the 10 year commitment! The wallpaper comes with the adhesive on the back so it’s a peel and stick application.  And when it's time for an update or to move home, you simply peel it off the wall without damaging the paintwork or leaving any residue."

Removable wallpapers makes it easier for renters to to make a house or apartment, a home. Renters who can be assured that our products will come off the walls without damaging the wall and are “Landlord friendly'.

Looking for more inspo? Look no further:

Do the experts recommend we do a feature wall or doing the whole room?

"It depends on the room." said Griffin. "Feature walls used to be very popular but in the past 12 months we have seen a shift to full rooms -- people are getting more adventurous."

Is it expensive? Well no, not if you're looking for a good way to change things up. Depending on your budget, wallpapers start at around $120 a roll. Peanuts if you think about it.

Perfect. Now you just need to match it to your furniture.

Feature Image: Instagram