15 Small Space Hacks We Discovered On Instagram

If you live in a small place, space is a luxury... but we have scoured the 'Gram for ideas to make the most of every centimetre.

From space-saving in the kitchen to adding light and air into cramped living areas, Instagram is your friend when it comes to ideas for decorating those more, ahem, bijou of abodes. And we've even done the hard yards for you, pulling together some of our favourite small apartment hacks.

The bedroom

Stuck for storage space in the boudoir? Take it vertical -- add hooks to the wall for hanging bags and jackets ready to go. Or add drawers under the bed. For your -- ahem -- drawers, even.

Boost your bathroom

Yes, most bathrooms are the "smallest room in the house" -- but that doesn't mean you can't perfect the "clever storage and good use of space" thing. Wall-fitted shelves can hold plants to give a natural feel, or towels, or make up, or... well, the sky's the limit. Use windowsills too for added places to pop your personals.

Sort out your studio

Painting the whole place white creates the illusion of space and light. Perfect when you're trying to live in one room.

Divide the space with a chest of drawers or other piece -- that way it can be form and function. Oh, and fabulous. Or invest in a screen to act as a partition.

Store your stuff well

Use every spare inch -- and be clever about it. Under stair storage is great for books, for example, while baskets can hide under lounges and coffee tables to hold all manner of secrets. Like that Snickers you didn't want anyone to steal.

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Add a mirror

Adding a mirror is all about illusion of size, right? It helps create a sense of space and light. Simple. Have it face a window and the outside will, in the words of Celine Dion, go on...

Organise your kitchen

Hanging pots from a rail frees up limited cupboard space for other things -- crucial in a tiny kitchen. Build shelves for spices, condiments and cooking utensils you don't use often, keeping them out of reach until you need them.

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Another space saving idea? Build small clever kitchens in small clever areas -- and utilise that neat and organised room properly by installing small clever appliances too.

Use your outside space

If you're lucky enough to have one, make your balcony or outdoor area work for you as an extra room. Chairs, tables, daybeds, lights (weather proof of course) and cushions can make it a comfy oasis regardless of your outlook.

Feature image: The Home Style Guide / viktoria_dahlberg / Instagram