Hard-To-Kill Houseplants to Buy Right Now

We love indoor plants. The problem is we can't seem to keep them alive.

For some inexplicable reason, our leafy friends come into our world bursting with good health and sass and then wilt and die.

Maybe it's the environment? Perhaps our choice of plants? Or, even the way we treat them? We had no idea and so we reached out to Gisele Zanier, founder of Beyond Sunflowers, and this is what she told us.

Hard little fellas -- green and gorgeous. Instagram/@Beyond_Sunflowers
Consider The Location

"Certain plants do best in certain environments", Gisele tells ten daily. Apparently, some love full sunlight while others curl up and die at the very thought. Before you purchase your plant do some research

Test The Temperature

Different plants do best at different temperatures. Some like a cool and dry environment. Others like it hot. Again, this is something you need to know.

Water Them Right

Various types of plants have different water requirements with some sucking up water like nobody's business, while others prefer just a light misting thank you very much. Ask at the nursery for tips on this.

Don't forget to water them regularly ... only not too much. Image: Instagram/@Beyond_Sunflowers
It’s also a good idea to buy plants that are renowned for being hardy. Try the following tough customers:
Aloe Vera

These sweet little guys pretty much look after themselves plus they provide a natural remedy for sunburns and mild skin irritations.


According to the good folk at Flower Power, the almost un-killable Sansevieria thrives on neglect, making it perfect for the forgetful gardener.

Zanzibar Gem

Forgetful? These fellas are virtually indestructible and even better, need to be watered four times a year. 

Spider Plant

The unfortunately named spider plant is dead easy to grow. It’s tough as nails making it an excellent candidate for the novice gardener or those who can’t seem to keep anything alive.

The not so prettily-named but lovely all the same Spider Plant. Image: Flower Power.
Five Other Clever Tips Your Plants Will Love
  1. Keep soil moist with regular, but light watering. Keep a tray to catch any excess water below to avoid overwatering them.
  2. Make sure your plants have the right air supply, especially if they are inside. They need fresh air to grow and it helps reduce the chance of their catching diseases.
  3. Fertilise every one to two months depending on the type of plant. Do some research. "The needs of indoor plants vary," says Gisele.
  4. Keep an eye out for bugs. If you spot any remove them quick sticks and get rid of any dead leaves so that disease doesn't spread.
  5. Re-pot your plants every one to two years depending on how quickly they grow. "This will help your plant thrive and grow", says Gisele.

Feature Image: Getty

The article first appeared on May 27, 2018