'I'd Never Heard Of It': The Veronicas' Lisa Origliasso Had An Ectopic Pregnancy Last Month

Lisa Origliasso has shared her heartbreaking ectopic pregnancy journey in the hope that her experience will make other women feel less alone.

In a 10-part Instagram story, the Australian singer-songwriter has shared her harrowing account of how she and her husband, American actor Logan Huffman, were told there were major complications with their pregnancy.

"We write this, because we feel it's important to share what's real on these platforms. Not just the shiny highlights reel of life," The Veronicas star wrote, before going on to detail her ectopic pregnancy journey.

In a typical pregnancy, the egg is released from the ovaries then moves through the Fallopian tubes and into the womb (or uterus). But in an ectopic pregnancy, the pregnancy develops outside the uterus, often in one of the fallopian tubes.

According to the Department of Health, Victoria, "In almost all cases, the embryo dies."



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Lisa and Logan wed in November 2018, and she explained that last month the pair thought "all of our dreams seem to have come true" upon taking three positive pregnancy tests.

Over the course of the  next two weeks, we went to bed dreaming about what our family would be... We cried, laughed and held on to each other in pure excitement.

Lisa had irregular bleeding from the beginning of her pregnancy, and booked a doctors appointment when she realised it was getting heavier.

Lisa Origliasso and her husband Logan Huffman. Image: Getty

She experienced a number of pregnancy symptoms, such as large breasts and a strong sense of smell, but the ultrasound did not show any signs of a baby inside her.

Her doctor suspected it was an ectopic pregnancy and took her to the emergency immediately to run tests.

'What is that?,' I asked heartbroken. I've never heard of that before. Is it a miscarriage?

"No, it's when the baby implants somewhere else... The pregnancy is not viable and if it continues to grow would be life threatening to the mother. I didn't know how to process what I'd just learnt."

In the weeks that followed, Lisa underwent an extensive series of tests. Eventually the diagnosis was confirmed: "it was an ectopic pregnancy. And I needed urgent medical attention to prevent it from being critical. I was immediately taken to hospital."

Lisa Origliasso shared her ectopic pregnancy journey on Instagram. Image: Instagram

Lisa concluded by saying that she and Logan hope that their harrowing story will bring awareness and support to fellow women and couples: "I am not perfect. I don't want to pretend to be. My pregnancy journey was not perfect. And that is okay."

She says that despite it all, "I know one day we will have a family."

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