Chris Hemsworth Gives Free Home Workouts So You Can Train Like Thor

Chris Hemsworth has announced his home fitness app will now be available for free to help you stay fit amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Hollywood actor, fitness superstar, and all-round good bloke wants to keep you healthy, even if that means coming into your house and coaching you himself.

Chris took to Instagram on Monday to announce that for six weeks, he will be waiving the subscription fee to his online health, fitness and well-being program, Centr.

"Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current global health crisis," he wrote.

Following Prime Minister Scott Morrison's announcement that gyms will now be closed, Aussies are turning to home workouts in order to maintain their fitness amid the health pandemic.



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On Sunday, the Federal Government announced further restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus.

Chris continued, "I think now more than ever is when we need to focus on what I believe to be the three key pillars to living healthier and happier -- movement, nutrition, and mental fitness."

Within the app is a range of workouts lead by trainers (and the gorgeous Mr Hemsworth himself) that are designed for all fitness levels. You'll also have access to healthy recipes and mindfulness routines if you need to inject a little zen into your chaotic life.



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Maintaining a good exercise routine is now more important than ever. As Neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson told 10 daily, "exercise is the best anti-depressant/anxiety medication on the planet."

This is why Chris has opened up his platform to people all over the world by cutting the cost. Typically, the cheapest lock-in plan for a subscription to Centr costs $120 a year.

You have until the 31st of March to sign up for your free six-week subscription. You have to sign up on Centr's website before you can activate the app on your phone.

Featured Image: Instagram

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