Tiffiny Hall On How She Makes Going To The Gym As Sanitary As Possible

Tiffiny Hall has always been a stickler for good hygiene -- this is how she makes her workouts as clean as she can.

The celebrity trainer is a big believer in the power of the home workout. So much so, she's built an entire business around it.

As the founder of TIFFXO,  an online workout and health platform, Tiffiny Hall ditched the gym for the living room floor a long time ago. And as the coronavirus continues to spread, a number of Aussies are beginning to do the same.

But according to health experts, we don't need to cancel our memberships just yet.

During an appearance on ABC's 'Insiders', Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy advised that while we are okay to continue attending spaces for group fitness, we do need to be extra cautious.



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“I think the gym is fine, but everybody needs to practice good hygiene,” said Murphy.

“If you’re going to the gym, I would be very focused on hand washing using hand sanitisers. All of those social distancing and good hygiene measures."

“We want everybody in the community to start practicing those and to start thinking about how we will practice social distancing moving forward," he continued.

A number of gyms are stepping up their cleaning and sanitation practices amid the breakout. But it is, of course, also up to the individual to do their bit.

Speaking to 10 daily, Tiffiny Hall said she has "always exercised really good personal hygiene in the gym" -- well before the spread of COVID-19.

For Tiff, good hygiene is more than common sense, "it’s also courtesy." And carrying a towel is the best way to be courteous and cautious.

I’m a big sweater, I just am. So I always have a towel with me.

"But I don’t take a gym towel, I take a big beach towel because you can drape it over a bench and you don’t have to touch any part of it. Even the yoga mats at the gym, I’ll put a beach towel over the yoga mat."

Echoing the advice of health experts, Tiff is also sure to keep hand sanitiser with her when she goes out to exercise.

"I always have hand sanitiser in my gym bag for before, after, during. It’s always worked," she said.

"I’ve never gotten sick. I've never got a germ for the gym."



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Tiff said that while she was personal training, she would often hear of cases where people contract skin conditions from the gym. This is why she is very deliberate when choosing her activewear.

"Even on a hot day, I'll have a light shirt on that covers my arms as well. And part of that is the sweat factor," she told 10 daily.

I don't want my skin touching pieces of gym equipment. I just think it's way more hygienic that way.

"But that's only if I'm at the gym. If I train at home, I can wear my PJs."

Tiff stressed the importance of following the advice of health authorities, and said that as a mother of a toddler (two-year-old Arnold), she and her family are taking sensible precautions at this time.

"Look, we stocked up on a little bit of toilet paper," she laughed. "My husband was giving it away on his radio show so he came home with a few extra rolls."

Tiff's comedian husband, Ed Kavalee, is a radio host and current contestant on 'Dancing With The Stars'.



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As a family of health nuts, the Hall-Kavalee's pantry staples are a lot more nutritious than your standard pasta and long life milk.

"I have stocked up on brown rice and tuna because brown rice is a fantastic carbohydrate, you're going to feed the whole family and it's really healthy,' Tiff said.

"Tuna as well, it's protein so it's going to be really good for you."

It's not surprising that Tiff likes to keep her meals as healthy as possible, but like all parents, she understands the power of pasta.

"Especially with kids and fussy toddlers like mine, pastas are really good and easy to cook," the mum explained.

But look, I'm a big fan of beans and lentils, things like that. They're really high in protein, they're really good for you.

"Honestly, if you mix tuna with beans and brown rice, that is a really hearty, fantastic, nutritional meal. And it's also good for weight maintenance as well."

Priorisiting your diet and exercise can be tricky in a time of such confusion. But Tiff thinks it's important to stay as healthy and strong as you can, especially if you have people relying on you.

"It's hard with kids, it makes me nervous. I just want corona to go away," she said.

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