'It's Safer': Tiffiny Hall And Sam Wood On How To Work Out At Home

Celebrity trainers Tiffiny Hall and Sam Wood have offered all their advice for the ultimate at-home workout -- so there goes that excuse.

Amid concerns of the spreading coronavirus, an increasing number of Australians are looking to minimise the time they spend in public places -- with gyms and other group exercise spaces among the first to land on the chopping block.

According to a number of studies, gyms are hot spots for the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Australian gym owners have previously told 10 daily they are stepping up their hygiene practices in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, and want to reassure members they are taking 'sensible' steps to tackle COVID-19.



Aussie Gym Owners Say Workouts Won’t Be Affected By Coronavirus

Australia’s gyms have stepped up their hygiene practices to combat the spread of coronavirus during workouts.

But one gym owner, former 'Bachelor' star Sam Wood, admits attendance is undeniably down.

"My gym has never been more quiet and my online program has never been busier," he told 10 daily of his Melbourne gym, The Woodshed.

Tied up in all kinds of exercise spaces -- he also runs online nutrition and fitness platform, 28 by Sam Wood -- he admits right now, it's wise to opt for at-home workouts, rather than visits to the gym.

"I just think it's safer in your own home where you know exactly what's going on," he said.

"A sweaty group exercise, ordinarily I think are nothing short of brilliant. I just think at this time, if in doubt, leave it out."

Fellow celebrity trainer Tiffiny Hall agrees, and is not taking any chances when it comes to public gyms.

"It's hard with kids, it makes me nervous," she told 10 daily.

“I think there’s a lot you can do at home."

Tiffiny also runs an online workout and health platform, TIFFXO, and insists that home workouts can just as effective in maintaining your health and achieving results.

If you're looking to keep your health and fitness up without leaving your front door, both Tiffiny and Sam have provided a number of tips and tricks for creating the ultimate home workout routine.



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How long should my workouts be?

Tiffiny and Sam have their own routines, but do agree home workouts need not go for long when done correctly.

"For a home workout, I think 20 minutes is the sweet spot -- but it has to be intense," said Tiffiny.

"If you are not sweating and if you’re not getting results in the 20-minute workout, then the exercise selection is off, or the sequencing isn’t right or you’re not pushing it hard enough in those reps. With a really well-developed program, 20 minutes is all you need."

For Sam, the 'sweet spot' is precisely 28 minutes a day. But he suggests that if you're struggling with stamina or there are too many distractions, "two 14-minute workouts have the same benefit as one 28-minute workout."

"Don't stress if you have to stop. Life happens, it's not the end of the world. Just make sure you do start again," he said.

What exercises should I do?

"I do a mix of boxing, Pilates, and body weight exercises -- your body is a gym," Tiffiny said. 

In addition to what she calls "staples" -- push-ups, burpees, and squats -- she also an advocate of martial arts, which she calls "so dynamic."

Sam's key piece of advice is to listen to your body and adjust your workouts accordingly.

"It's important that if you're getting bored, increase your resistance. If you're getting bored or you feel like your body needs to change it up, add some equipment," he said.

"Just because we're training at home doesn't mean it's just star jumps for 20 minutes."

What about young kids?

Both Tiffiny and Sam have young families, and understand how tricky it can be to find enough 'me time' in the day to exercise. But they're both confident it can be done, even if it means incorporating your little ones into your routine.

Tiff says it's important to her to find time for herself to exercise and focus on her personal well-being, but she knows that's easier said than done.

"I will do a few laps of the stairs at home. Or Arnold and I will play scoop, we ride bikes around the backyard, we play chasey," she said.

Working out at home could fit into your routine. Image: Getty

The trainer is mum to toddler, Arnold, who she shares with comedian husband, Ed Kavalee.

Getting in home exercise with a small child around isn't easy, which is why Tiff recommends parents take the time to "just play," and feel good knowing that all movement contributes to a good fitness routine.

Sam and wife Snezana -- whom he met on 'The Bachelor' in 2015 -- have two daughters are under the age of four. He said while they try to work out together, they'll take turns looking after the kids to let the other focus on their fitness for half an hour.

Sam said Snez will also sneak in a workout while their daughters are asleep, or be more creative.

"If that's not really happening, she can do a workout with Charlie," he said.

"Charlie can crawl around or even be used as resistance. She loves the interaction and laughs her head off the whole time."



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How do I practice good hygiene while exercising?

"The key is to take care of yourself," said Sam.

"I know that sounds crazy, but I'd probably take a disinfectant spray and a towel. I definitely wouldn't be sharing drink fountains and drink bottles."

Tiffiny said for years now, she has been strict on personal hygiene at the gym. She rarely exercises without wearing a shirt with sleeves, carries hand sanitiser, and is cautious to minimise contact with shared equipment.

"I don’t take a gym towel, I take a big beach towel, because you can drape it over a bench and you don’t have to touch any part of it," she said.

"Even the yoga mats at the gym, I’ll put a beach towel over." 

Both Sam and Tiffiny have long been champions of the at-home workout. And now, they're singing its praises louder than ever.

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