Bec Judd Joins The Many Shocked By Lack Of Toilet Paper In Supermarkets

The Australian model and television host has shared her surprise over the near empty shelves at her local Coles on social media.

Rebecca Judd was taken aback by the level of panic and stockpiling of basic necessities over the coronavirus outbreak, namely toilet paper.

It left the mum-of-four almost unable to purchase any herself while shopping in her local supermarket in Brighton, Melbourne, on Monday.

The 37-year-old shared her response on social media in a story she posted to her Instagram.

"Guys, for real. This is the Brighton Coles and there's no toilet paper," she laughed, while panning her camera across the empty shelves.

The empty shelves shared by Bec Judd. Image: Instagram

Noticing a little bit left in the corner of the shelves, Judd noted she would be taking the rest.

"There's a bit left so I'm grabbing it all, just down there," she said. "That's it, that's where the toilet paper usually lives."

Still shocked, she continued: "Oh, my God. Imagine not having any toilet paper. Far out."

The little bit of toilet paper left in Bec Judd's local Coles. Image: Instagram

Following her trip to the supermarket, Judd shared a photo of the backseat of her car which was filled with toilet paper.

"Bought three packs. People were stocking up on toothpaste and long life milk too," she wrote alongside the photo of her supplies.

Bec Judd's backseat filled with toilet paper. Image: Instagram

Judd isn't the first to comment on the lack of toilet paper available from local supermarkets. including Coles and Woolworths.

A number of disgruntled shoppers have shared their annoyance on social media over the lack of toilet paper on their shelves, suggesting a limit should be imposed to fight against 'panic buying'.

A Woolworth's shopper shared the empty toilet paper shelves on the supermarket's Facebook page. Image: Facebook

"Could you please impose a limit on toilet paper? There are a lot of stupid people out there who are panic buying with the misconception that ALL toilet paper is made in China, when only 40 percent is made in China," a shopper wrote on the Wooworth's Facebook page.

"It’s really not fair on normal every day need for toilet hygiene because people are panicked where they don’t need to be."

The shopper took photos at two supermarket locations in Sydney, both facing the same lack of supply. Image: Facebook

The irritated shopper shared their message along with photos of empty shelves taken at stores in North and South Sydney.

Another asked the supermarket chain: "When will I be able to buy toilet paper again? Been trying for days."

It comes as concerned shoppers have been stockpiling basic necessities, making items such as pasta, rice, flour and hand sanitiser difficult to obtain.

Anthony Morris


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Featured image: Instagram

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