'Disgusting': Tiffiny Hall Hits Back Over Stolen Photos Used To Promote Weight Loss Product

Celebrity trainer Tiffiny Hall has responded to an ad that used post pregnancy and recent photos of her to claim their product works.

Sharing a photo of the ad to her Instagram account, the Australian trainer said the company used images of her without permission to sell their product.

Tiffiny noted what was worse is: "The product is everything I loathe and have fought against my entire career -- weight loss gimmicks." 

The so called 'before' picture used in the fake ad where Tiffiny, 35, was portrayed as 'fat' was actually a photo of her eight weeks after welcoming her first child, Arnold, who she shares with her partner and comedian Ed Kavalee.

Speaking to 10 daily, Tiffiny took issue with the implication she was meant to feel "ashamed" of her post pregnancy body.

"The company implied that in the 'before' shot I should be ashamed of my body when really, I couldn't have been prouder of it at the time. I was eight weeks port-partum, recovering and adjusting to my new life as a mother after delivering a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

No woman should ever feel ashamed about how their body looks after giving birth, or feel that they need some sort of quick fix to 'bounce back'.

"I bounced forward as a new mum by gently nourishing my body with nutritious food and getting back into exercise at a pace that suited me - it can take time to get back to feeling your best, but no weight loss product is going to take the place of hard work and determination," she told 10 daily.

"I'm proud to be in my active wear beginning to get fit again," she wrote on Instagram.

"I didn’t feel out of shape or ashamed of that body, I was in the fourth trimester still recovering and that body had delivered a healthy baby and was keeping it alive." 

Tiffiny said she 'refuses' to be fat shamed by 'stupid' weight loss stickers.

"Please do not waste your hard earned money on weight loss stickers or any weight loss gimmicks," she warned.

I want to make it clear that I don’t endorse this product. They won’t work. I bounced forward after having a baby through enjoying exercise, determination and nourishing my body with good food -- not weight loss stickers.

Tiffiny posted further on her Instagram story about the weight loss stickers, which claim to 'burn abdominal fat away' through the contained 'healthy natural ingredients'.

Image: Tiffiny Hall Instagram

Aside from the ads for the tummy stickers, Tiffiny also shared another promotion that was using her image without her permission, adding that she doesn't endorse Flat Tummy Co either.

Image: Tiffiny Hall Instagram

Tiffiny's fans were quick to come to her defense, labelling the use of her image to promote weight loss products 'disgusting' and 'desperate'.

"That is utterly disgusting, those poor desperate people out there thinking they work," a commenter wrote.

"They should be held accountable. Your dedicated ninja family know how hard you have worked to get to where you are now."



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"I can imagine how you feel about this Tiff. They’re not just misleading consumers which is bad enough but the fact they could tarnish your brand and message is unconscionable. Take ‘Em down!" another added.

Tiffiny noted that she is pursuing legal action over the unauthorised use of her photos.

Featured image: Instagram

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