'So Much Judgement': Food Fight Breaks Out Over ALDI Product

When life gets a little hectic, it can sometimes pay to have the convenience of having easy but also time consuming tasks done for you.

We're taking about paying someone to groom your dog instead of giving them a bath at home or arranging a cleaner to give your house a tidy up on the weekend so you have a few more hours back to yourself.

Among that list is purchasing pre-cut vegetables from the supermarket instead of doing it yourself. While anyone can cut a carrot, sometimes it can be worthwhile to pay that little extra to get a couple of minutes of your day back.

But what about the extra packaging and waste that comes with making those decisions in the fridge section of the supermarket?



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That is the argument unfolding on the ALDI Lovers Australia Instagram page after they shared a range of prepared vegetables from The Fresh Veggie Co, notably their shredded carrot and carrot sticks.

"More ready to go vegetables available in the fridges (with all the salad mixes)," the caption read alongside a photo of the products available for less than $2.

The page, which is run by a fan of the supermarket chain, named Tammy,  previously shared an update in the range from the same brand of their cauliflower rice and zucchini spaghetti.

"Plastic plastic plastic. Just chop your damn vegetables yourself peeps," the top comment on the post read, with a number calling the decision to buy pre-cut vegetables 'lazy'.

ALDI Lovers Australia responded to the remark, writing: "Wow what an inappropriate comment to make! The use of plastic is not the point of this post -- that’s a whole other topic for discussion. I hope you never need help to chop your vegetables."



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"The point is we need to think about plastic use in everything we do or buy. There have to be other solutions to selling prepared vegetables (good thing) that don’t involve even more use of plastic," another commenter added.

"I’m not denying that is an issue and I’ve posted about that in the past but when people comment about lazy people buying pre-cut vegetables that’s judgmental and that’s the point I’m addressing here," ALDI Lovers Australia replied. 

I really do hope there can be other ways of selling pre-cut vegetables but right now this is the only way some people can buy them. Don’t they deserve to eat them?

Many noted however, that buying your carrots still requires you to put them in a bag unless your bring your own reusable bag from home to place them in.

ALDI Lovers Australia later addressed the debate over plastic in their Instagram story, writing:

"So much judgement over pre-cut vegetables. It's sad really. The assumption is that people are lazy. Of course some people will love the convenience, but think of those that are disabled or the elderly who cannot physically cut their vegetables."

Image: Instagram

Many have agreed with the page, thanking ALDI Lovers Australia for defending those who use the products.

"Personally I am visually impaired so the use of these saves carer time and I can put that time to more important things like home help. It gives me independence to do it myself," a commenter wrote.

"While it is just opening a packet inference to a person whom has lost a lot is a win. Yes, it is more plastic but with time, there will be a solution."

An ALDI spokesperson told 10 daily: "Our customers are looking for fresh and convenient produce. We have introduced new products to extend our healthy options in store. Despite our desire, and that of our customers, to reduce plastics immediately, this process will take time."

"We have commitments in place to reduce our plastic packaging and have announced that we will be working in close collaboration with our business partners to reduce plastic packaging by 25 percent by the end of 2025."

Featured image: Instagram

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