Fans Of A $42 Pillow Say It Cures Snoring, Here's What A Sleep Expert Thinks

Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo explains how one wedged-shaped pillow has managed to rake in almost a thousand five star reviews on Amazon.

If you share your bed with a snorer or perhaps you are one yourself, you know the pangs of trying to get a good night sleep.

Now Amazon shoppers think they've finally stumbled upon the perfect solution.

Cushion brand Relax Home Life have developed a hypo-allergenic wedge-shaped bamboo pillow, designed to make you sleep on an incline. And their customers are absolutely raving about it.

The pillow costs $41.97 and of its 1,381 ratings, an astonishing 70 percent are five stars. If you scroll through those glowing reviews and there's one major claim that comes up again and again: this pillow is some kind of miracle cure for snoring.

The pillow is designed to make you sleep on an incline. Image: Amazon

In one review, a 155cm tall woman wrote that her snoring got so bad, her husband refused to sleep in the same room as her. But not anymore.

This trend has ended with this wonderful pillow! He reports that my snoring has stopped (three weeks and counting) and he can remain in our bedroom all night. Yay!

Others are stating that the shape of the pillow also helped them with their acid reflux.

"This is the fifth reflux pillow I've tried (and about $50 less than my last purchase), and I have to say, it's by far the most comfortable wedge to sleep on," said one fan.

I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from acid reflux or shoulder problems.

In order to decipher whether or not a single pillow really holds the power to stop snoring in its tracks, 10 daily spoke to sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo.

Sleep specialist, Olivia Arezzolo. Image: Instagram

According to Arezzolo, your choice of pillow can alleviate snoring. But there are plenty of other factors to keep in mind.

"If you snore, the advantage of sleeping on a wedge pillow is that it actually forces you to sleep on your side," she told 10 daily. "But I wouldn't say it outweighs the other factors."

Arezzolo said that sleeping on your back is only one of the reasons people snore, naming being overweight and sleeping after drinking alcohol as the other key causes behind an individual's snoring habit.

Beyond the pillow's wedge, its hypo-allergenic materials may also be contributing to claims it can provide an excellent night's sleep.

When shopping for the perfect pillow, Arezzolo said that opting for something "hypo-allergenic is really important."

If you have an allergenic-producing substance, then you're more likely to be irritated, leading to coughing and itching. It's going to leave you in a lighter stage of sleep.

"Whereas if you can have it hypo-allergenic, it means that you're more likely to have less irritation and less reasons to toss and turn."

Taking into account the hundreds of glowing reviews, this pillow certainly seems like a quick and easy fix for snoring, especially considering it retails for less than $50.

But the sleep specialist does warn that above all else, it's important to consider the other factors that may be behind the problem.



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"Make sure you're maintaining a healthy weight and cut out alcohol," is Arezzolo's key piece of advice for snorers.

If the issue continues, she also recommends you try out a number of solutions and methods before turning to expensive sleep studies.

Focusing on the problem doesn't solve the problem. Reinvest that money into finding a solution.

She lists evening showers, spraying lavender before you sleep, keeping a sleep supplement by your bed, and having a meditative relaxation practice before bed as all convenient and doable ways to handle your sleep troubles.

A wedged pillow is only one of the many methods you can try to help you snore no more. It's all about figuring out what works for you.

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