Kylie Jenner's Day On A Plate Quickly Goes From Realistic To Absolutely Mad

Kylie Jenner has opened up about Coronas, cravings, and her surprisingly mild workout routine.

As the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, the 22-year-old billionaire comes from a long line of proud sex symbols. And when you make a fortune from your curves (and your business sense -- of course), people are naturally going to wonder what it is you do when you hit the kitchen or the gym.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Kylie has talked us through her day on a plate -- and there's everything from blueberries to 'bone broth'.

The Instagram star begins her day with a glass of what she calls bone broth, which we're fairly sure is just soup made from stock, mixed with "lavender or lemon."

"I don't just drink bone broth in the morning, I do sip on bone broth all day. I'll go through two jars a day."

If she's not suckling down floral-flavoured meat syrup, she's drinking celery juice -- a go-to breakfast for health nuts and Kardashian sycophants alike, despite there being no scientific evidence to support the claims that have been made about the benefits of it.



So Is Celery Juice A Miracle Cure Or Just Another Drink?

Everyone in the world seems to be drinking celery juice. But are we being duped?

"I have a whole drawer in my refrigerator of just raw celery," she confessed.

She's trying to cut back on the coffee, but when she's feeling cheeky, she goes for "a vanilla ice latte with oat milk, that's my jam."

When it comes to lunch, she gets a bit more experimental. "I can't eat the same thing everyday," she said in the Food Diaries video.

Instead, Kylie enjoys tacoooos, burritooos, riiiice, a tuna sandwhiiiich... essentially any healthy food with a vowel she can elongate with her Californian accent.

When she's travelling, she opts for lemon chicken and white rice with vegetables. Kylie also divulges that she lives in a nut-free household because her two-year-old daughter Stormi is allergic.

Her older sisters are notorious for their 'revenge bodies' and the drastic measures they go to to achieve them. But Kylie's workout routine seems weirdly low-intensity.



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The Kardashians often come under fire for suggestions of how much surgery they're had to achieve their bodies, and Khloe Kardashian is no exception.

"I never find myself in a gym. I find myself on the floor of my bedroom looking up on Google or Pinterest like workouts. And doing abs, lunges, squats, all that good stuff."

If a couple of daily lunges was really it took to drum up 161 million Instagram followers and an unprecedented amount of success in the beauty industry, wouldn't we all be jumping back on Pinterest ASAP?

Kylie then dives into her 'cheat meals'. West coast burger chain In-N-Out is crowned her absolute favourite. From there she orders a double cheese burger with "just" special sauce and grilled onions, well-done fries and a coke.

"I will have to admit that I am a big snacker," she said, going onto list all of her favourite chip flavours.

As for drinks, she loves a Corona Light with lime, a white wine, "or just straight 42 shots" -- now there's that pre-baby party girl we know and love.

Kylie's odd eating habits are peppered all throughout the video (seriously, she won't stop talking about bone broth). But perhaps the weirdest revelation comes when she recommends a way to curb late night cravings.

"I lock myself in my bedroom and I turn on my TV, I get really comfortable. And I pre-slice an apple by my bed."

Since I'm really comfortable and too lazy probably to go down to the kitchen, my only choice is this apple.

Late night cravings happen to the best of us, and they're probably even more inconvenient for Kylie who would have to walk six hallways and three spiral staircases to get from her bedroom to her kitchen.

But there's another problem with this cravings hack. I'm no fruitologist, but I'm guessing that sliced apple would be as brown as dirt by the time she wakes up.

Kylie Jenner's day on a plate goes from realistic and relatable to absolutely mad in a matter of seconds.

It answers a couple of questions, but leaves us asking even more. Namely: if I drink bone broth, will I be a billionaire?

Featured image: Instagram