Risk Of Drowning Doubles On Public Holidays, Research Finds

Life savers are issuing a crucial warning ahead of the long weekend following new research that suggests Australians are twice as likely to drown on public holidays.

Australia Day is one of the biggest celebrations on our country's calendar. But ahead of this year's festivities, Australia's Royal Life Saving Society are urging Aussies to 'make the right call' when it comes to our water safety.

A recent study has uncovered a number of alarming statistics regarding alcohol and public holiday related drownings.

According to the research, the risk of drowning doubles on public holidays. As does the risk of drowning while under the influence of alcohol.

Men are also the most at-risk group. Of the 44 people that lost their lives drowning since December 1st 2019, 89 percent were male. The majority were aged between 35 and 64 years old.

Men aged 35-64 make up the majority of drowning deaths in Australia. Image: Getty

And it's not just the ocean we need to worry about. 41 percent of drownings took place at inland waterways.

The life savers are insisting that "drowning is wholly preventable."

“Our message is simple. Love the water. Enjoy the water. Do it safely. We want everyone to go out and have fun, but people need to be aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their mates safe," Royal Life Saving’s Craig Roberts said in a statement.

There are a number of things Aussies can do to stay safe this long weekend. Wearing a life jacket when boating can increase your chance of survival by 50 percent.



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And hold off drinking until after you've had your swim. Royal Life Saving recommends that you do not re-enter the water after you've consumed alcohol.

Finally, enjoy the water with your friends and family, not by yourself. Swimming or doing anything in and around water alone will make it extremely difficult to seek help.

A beer by the beach may be an Aussie tradition, but we need to be smart about it. As the long weekend rolls approaches, make the right call around the water. And always look out for your mates.

Featured image: Getty