Aussie Nutritionist Calls Out Adele's Diet As 'Extreme' And 'Very Difficult'

Adele's diet might get results, but you should think really think twice before committing to it.

The 15-time Grammy award winning artist has been capturing hearts for years now with her incredible voice and heartbreaking lyrics. But lately, the buzz around Adele has had less to do with her talent, and more to do with her appearance.

Paparazzi shots of the 31-year-old on a Caribbean holiday (with Harry Styles and James Corden, no less) gave us our first look at just how much weight the singer has dropped in recent months.



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And now a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer and Pilates instructor has come forward to claim the transformation as her own.

Camilla Goodis, also known as the 'Brazilian Body Wizard', has taken to her own Instagram account as well as a number of talk shows to spruik her involvement in Adele's diet and exercise regimen.

According to Goodis, the British singer has been following the SIRT food diet -- a plan that promotes foods that activate proteins in the body called sirtuins, thought to influence the body's ability to burn fat and boost metabolism.

"She really changed her diet," Goodis told Extra. "There's no miracle exercise."

'Brazilian Body Wizard' Camilla Goodes. Image: Instagram

Adele and her team have not confirmed or denied Goodis' claims she was involved in the singer's physical transformation.

The most important thing to know about the SIRT food diet is that it restricts calories to 1000 per day. And according to Australian dietitian and nutritionist Susie Burrell, this is a "severe calorie restriction."

"The SIRT food diet doesn’t have any scientific evidence, there’s nothing specific about it other than it being a low-calorie diet," the dietitian told 10 daily.

"Sure, it's full of anti-inflammatory foods and it’s quite healthy. But it’s not doing anything miraculous."

Leading dietitian Susie Burrell. Image: Supplied

Looking at recent photos of Adele, the results speak for themselves. But Burrell warns that it's hardly a realistic lifestyle change for those looking to maintain long-term benefits.

Usually people will experience extreme hunger, extreme cravings... it’s a very difficult regime to follow long term.

"The thing about any reported celebrity diet is that we don’t know the specifics," Susie said.

"We don’t know that Adele didn’t have a personal chef monitoring her, managing her, adjusting the diet according to training. We’re only going off very limited information, so you can’t extrapolate that to the average person."

Since coming forward as Adele's health and fitness confidant, Goodis has been slammed online for not only encouraging the 1000 calorie-per-day diets, but also potentially breaking her client's trust.

Fitness guru Alice Liveing basted Goodis' self-promotion on Twitter, calling out "so called celebrity trainers" for "riding the coat tails of a celebrity client" and betraying client confidentiality.

Susie Burrell believes it's important to make the distinction between trainers and those who are accredited professionals in the health industry. 

"A dietitian is an accredited professional. We have a code of ethics just like a medical doctor that we must follow," she explained.

"And we would never be able to breach client confidentiality in that way -- to the point where dietitians aren’t even allowed to give testimonials of their clients, even if that client gave permission. We are heavily regulated."

Adele is a notoriously private person, and the informational surrounding her diet and exercise routine is murky at best.

Adele's transformation is undeniable. Image: Getty/Instagram

As an accredited dietitian, Susie Burrell believes there are more effective ways to achieve health and weight loss goals than the "severe" SIRT food diet.

"Anyone will lose weight on a thousand calories per day -- if they can stick to it. But it’s a very severe calorie restriction for the average person," she told 10 daily.



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"And in general, I think 1000 calories is very low. And most people will lose half a kilo to a kilo a week on a 1200-1400 [calorie intake], without that incredible degree of calorie restriction."

Adele is one extraordinary person, but perhaps we should all be aiming to replicate her talent or her sense of humour, rather than her reported diet.

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