Jennifer Hawkins Responds After Being Shamed Over Baby's Beach Photo

In October last year, the model and former Miss Universe welcomed her first child -- a baby daughter named Frankie Violet Wall.

And ever since, Jennifer Hawkins, 36, has been sharing adorable baby spam of her daughter on Instagram, like most proud new mums.

Yet an innocent photo shared by Hawkins on Thursday of her at the beach with Frankie has copped some criticism.



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"No one can prepare you for the gummy smiles and baby ‘convo'," she wrote along with the photo, adding the hashtag 'so in love'.

But what started as a sweet moment between Hawkins and Frankie quickly spiraled in the comments section when commenters began to quiz the new mum about why her baby wasn't wearing a hat while in the sun.

"Loving the photo but why does Mummy have a hat on and not Bubba?" a commenter questioned.

Hawkins was quick to respond, writing: "Because bub was under a beach umbrella two seconds after this picture."

Others however, were quick to come to Hawkins' defence, stating that the comment was out of line.

"There’s always one (or 10, maybe for you) who are so quick to jump! Of course you would be protecting your most loved little possession from the sun. She’s beautiful. Congrats!" wrote one.



Jennifer Hawkins Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has welcomed a baby girl into the world!

"Geez! Someone had to say that! She has an awesome mummy, as if shes going to let her baby burn. She could have had one on and they took it off for the pic for all we know. She's not silly I'm sure," added another.

And five mins of vitamin D will do little Frankie good! Just ignore the 'perfect' parents! Heaven knows I'm not one.

According to Sun Smart, the guidelines for sun protection in babies and toddler state that you should:

  • Slip on sun-protective clothing,
  • Cover as much of the baby's skin as possible with cool, loose-fitting clothes and wraps,
  • Slop on SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen,
  • Slap on a broad-brimmed hat. Hats should provide good shade to the face, back of the neck, eyes and ears,
  • Seek shade,
  • Slide on sunglasses.

Hawkins and her husband Jake Wall announced Frankie Violet's arrival on Instagram on 22 October, 2019.

"Dream come true! So thankful to be holding our beautiful healthy baby girl!" Hawkins wrote at the time, along with a photo of her holding her baby daughter.

"We couldn’t be more in love."

In August last year, Hawkins shared that the couple had suffered a miscarriage in 2018 during an interview with Stellar magazine.

“I had so many years of planning, but the one thing I so dearly wanted couldn’t be planned," she said in the interview.

"Everything crumbled. With women, we want everything to be OK, but sometimes it’s just not.”

Featured image: Instagram