McDonalds Released A Veggie Burger That's 'Not Strictly Vegetarian'

McDonalds have announced it will be adding a vegetable burger to it's menu, but don't rejoice just yet.

The McVeggie burger is only the latest in a string of veggie-friendly options to hit Australia's major fast food chain.

The no-meat patty is made of potatoes, onion, carrot and corn and is accompanied by cheese, lettuce, mayo and, of course, a sesame seed bun.

If you'd like to get a little bit fancy, you can also opt for the McVeggie Delux, with additional cheddar cheese and tomato.

The McVeggie burger is available nationwide. Image: Supplied

Vegetarians have long called on the restaurant to introduce more plant-based options to its menus. As much is this is a step in the right direction, this isn't quite the miracle many were hoping for.

Jenni Dill, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Australia, flagged that strict vegetarians may want to steer clear.

"For those who are vegetarian, although there are no meat ingredients in the McVeggie Burger, due to its cooking procedure, it’s not strictly vegetarian,” she said.

Despite it's veggie-friendly patty, being cooked alongside it's neighbour the Big Mac is where this burger trips up.

The burgers are available nationwide from 10:30am today. The McVeggie will set you back $5.70, and the McVeggie Delux will cost $7.25.

Make your guilty pleasure a little less guilty. Image: Sex and the City

A number of fast food chains are climbing aboard the plant-based train. Oporto offers a vegan burger, and late last year Hungry Jacks added to their range with a vegan cheeseburger and their 'Rebel Whopper' with a veggie patty.

It's little surprise chain restaurants are getting behind the cause, because Vegetarianism is well and truly on the rise in Australia.

A 2019 study from Roy Morgan found that 2.5 million Australians have diets which are all, or almost all, vegetarian -- that's an 11 per cent rise from only four years ago.



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The McVeggie burger may have a not-so-veggie catch. But let's be honest, when you've already decided to treat yourself to some Maccas, you're probably not too worried about the fine print.

Featured Image: Sex and the City/Supplied