The Most Baffling Part Of Kim Kardashian's Kitchen Tour Isn't What's In Her Fridge

Who knew the contents of Kim Kardashian's fridge could cause so many questions?

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old shared a photo in front of her fridge while promoting items from her Skims range.

Yet all anyone could seem to focus on was the contents of her fridge or lack there of.

It seems Kim's fridge was only full milk and water, prompting many to ask: where is the food?

In response to all the questions and subsequent media attention, Kim decided to take her followers on an Instagram tour of her kitchen and multiple pantries and fridges.



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"Okay so since the inside of my fridge is so baffling and I saw all these reports, I'm going to give you a tour of my fridge," Kim said.

It starts in the pantry

"So you'll come into my pantry. I got rid of all my plastic so it's all like, glass jars," she said.

"Even all of my sprinkles and stuff for my frozen yoghurt, all of that."

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

There's a mini-pantry for the yoghurt machine

"So you come in the pantry, all there is is the frozen yoghurt machine and all the little snacks," Kim said.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Next  we see the 'drink' fridge

"My freezer and then I got rid of all plastic bottles, so this is just my drink fridge," Kim said.

Image: Instagram

And every single kind of milk, ever

"All my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys," Kim said, explaining why she has so many different types of milk in her fridge.

Image: Instagram

"My fresh juices, fresh water, that's all that's in the fridge."

Image: Instagram

Followed by the kitchen

"However, let me show you something. This is the kitchen where it all happens," Kim said.

Image: Instagram

Finally we get to the fridge

Now this is where we hit a problem. Throughout the whole tour, Kim has been saying 'fridge' only to switch to ''frigerator".

"Guys, I have, a walk in 'frigerator, where we keep all of our fresh, organic, produce," Kim said.

Image: Instagram

"We are building on the property all organic trees to grow our own vegetables and do all of our own stuff."

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"So this, all of our meals, you guys know I eat plant based now, so all of our stuff is in here," she said.

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And then again, she starts saying ''frigerator'. Have we been calling our fridge the wrong thing this whole time? Surely it's either 'refrigerator' in full or 'fridge' for short?

When did we start saying 'frigerator?

"So it did look like an empty 'frigerator that I took the photo in front of, I have to admit. This is our big, mean, 'frigerator guys," she said.

Image: Instagram

Moving right along into another pantry

"We also have another pantry because this is the kitchen that we cook in."

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Then there's another 'frigerator

There it is again, another ''frigerator' and we'll never look at our fridge in the same way again.

"Then if you want a little more chaos, with tones of oat milk and almond milk, you have this 'frigerator," she said.

Image: Instagram

"Other freezer, there you have it guys."

Image: Instagram

And there we come to the end of the tour. Long live Kim Kardashian's 'frigerators, this one might end up in Urban Dictionary.

Featured image: Twitter/Facebook