Back To Work Today? A Counsellor On How To Stop Old Stress Getting To You

With many of us saying goodbye to our holidays and heading back to work, there are easy steps you can take to bring the zen of your break into the office with you.

Believe it or not, while just the thought of getting on public transport and walking back through the doors of your workplace might get your stress level rising, there are things we can do to stop old anxiety from getting the best of us.

Speaking to 10 daily, clinical counsellor and psychotherapist Julie Sweet said the key to staying in a good mind frame on our returning to work is keeping three words in mind: "Restoration, self care and compassion."

New year, old work stress. Image: Getty

"These are three priorities that might sound like buzz words yet really are paramount for people’s health and well-being," Sweet said.

"Restoration can minimise burnout. Self care can rejuvenate and fill an empty tank when someone feels as though they have minimal resources remaining going into another year."

Compassion for self can’t be emphasised enough, if people were more mindful of their inner critic and self talk, such awareness can bring about fundamental change.

Aside from keeping these ideals in mind, here are some other steps you can take to return to work in the best possible mind frame:

1. Check in on yourself regularly

Sweet said it is important to have self awareness about how work if making you feel by checking in on yourself in the same way you'd check in on a friend.

"The body keeps score and when listened to, can hold exceptional information that can show us what areas we need to bring our attention to," she said.



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"Emotional intelligence can anchor us in the work place and not only help ourselves in our own functioning, it also models excellent behaviour for our colleagues."

2. Put boundaries in place

Sweet said putting in place healthy boundaries between work and home is important not just for ourselves, but the people we work with.

"When firm healthy boundaries are implemented, safety is created and doubt is eliminated," Sweet said.

"Someone with healthy consistent boundaries is someone you want to stay close to, both personally and professionally."

3. Communicate when you're feeling anxious

While communication can seem like a no-brainer, Sweet said talking to our boss or those around us is something that is compromised when we are extending ourselves at work or feeling anxious.



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"Communication can be freeing and doesn’t lend to assumptions which can be made if doubt creeps in or if someone has limited information," she said.

4. Ask yourself this question if you're feeling stressed

If you find that old work related stress creeping in, Sweet said there is a reminder we can give ourselves when we feel overwhelmed.

"Ask yourself when under pressure, would I talk to someone I love and support the way I’m talking to myself (internally) right now?" she said.

"This can be a useful gauge to see whether or not we are showing ourselves compassion when I’m crisis, in the here and now."

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