Naomi Watts Opens Up About Botox, Menopause And Aging In Hollywood

Naomi Watts has spoken candidly about the skin condition that made her life "miserable," and how it made her overhaul her attitudes towards aging.

The 51-year-old Australian has seen huge success in her acting career, becoming a household name all across the globe.

But of the many tribulations that come with being a Hollywood star, there was one Watts was not expecting.

Speaking to 'The Sunday Times Style', The Academy Award nominee detailed her experience with a common skin condition that was a nightmare to manage in front of the camera.

The Aussie actress is has always been very open about aging. Image: Getty

“A few years back in 2016, while I was working 16-hour days on 'Gypsy', I was having to apply make-up two to three times a day and spend hours under hot lights, and I was really suffering from rosacea,” she said in the interview.

It was making my life miserable. My skin was just saying ‘leave me alone.'

Rosacea is a long-term condition where skin predominately on the face swells and breaks out into red patches. It most commonly affects middle-aged women and is often linked to menopause.

Facial skin conditions can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing reality for anybody, let alone those whose looks are constantly being scrutinised.

The desperate search for relief led her to starting her own skincare business. In 2016, Watts co-founded Onda Beauty - a 'clean' beauty brand with limited toxins.

This interest in skincare has seen Watts become an advocate for aging proudly. The women of Hollywood are under immense pressure to stop the clock and pursue an impossible notion of perfection. And these beauty ideals have sadly also trickled down to the everyday woman.

But Watts is making it her mission to do all she can to tackle the stigma around aging.

“Menopause should not be a dirty word,” she said.

It’s such a shame society has made it so. We need support from each other, and to not be made to feel like unsexy, infertile, crabby old ladies that should be sent out to pasture.

The actress has been quizzed on her attitudes towards aging for the better part of the decade, and she is widely known as one of the most forthcoming Hollywood stars.

Watts confessed to the publication that she has tried Botox in the past, but it isn't suitable for her career.



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