'It's Offensive': The Bum-Related Comments Tammy Hembrow Hates Most

Tammy Hembrow tries to get to the gym at least three time a week despite running two businesses while simultaneously looking after her two children, Wolf and Saskia.

Having trained for years, the prominent Instagram influencer attributes her physique to years of time and maintenance in the gym.

That's precisely why the 25-year-old gets so angry when strangers make accusations about her bum 'not being real' or suggesting she's had procedures to augment its look.

Appearing on Studio 10 on Tuesday, Tammy shared the secrets to a toned behind like hers, noting that when it comes to exercising: "I train very booty focused."

The Queensland local said one of the biggest gym misconceptions that she comes across is related to the impact of weights versus cardio for women.

"I feel like a lot of girls don't realise I do a lot of heavy weights," she said. "You're not going to build any muscle if you're not doing like any weights."

Tammy, who has modelled for the likes of Khloe Kardashian, said she's noticed women doing a lot of cardio in the gym which doesn't achieve the same results if you're looking to tone your body, particularly the buttocks.

"It's not going to build any muscle really," she said, adding that she can squat about 60 kilograms, with the weight varying based on the exercise.

"I do know a lot of men that are a lot more weak than me."

Given her hard work and dedication at the gym, Tammy said despite knowing people who have had Brazilian bum lifts and butt implants put in 'overseas' she takes personal offence when strangers suggest she's done the same.

"I hate when people accuse me of doing that. I take such offense to it because I work so hard," Tammy said.

"It just makes me so annoyed. But there is always going to be people saying that."

Sharing her secrets of a toned bum with the panel, Tammy demonstrated her favourite exercises with the use of a resistance band.

She said she will typically do them in a circuit, adjusting the strength of the band to her desired difficulty level, with her go-to exercises include squats, donkey kicks and fire hydrants.

"When you're doing squats, you need to get low and make sure you're squeezing your bum," Tammy suggested.

The fire hydrant is good for the sides of your bum. You get on all fours and kick your leg outwards.

The benefit of the exercises, Tammy said, is they can be done anywhere and can be incorporated into any workout or alternatively used as a warm up.

Featured image: Instagram