This Uncomfortable Toilet Is Here To Stop You Sitting On The Loo Too Long At Work

Leave your phone at your desk, offices are phasing out extended bathroom breaks with intentionally uncomfortable toilet seats.

A UK start-up company has developed a toilet with a sloped seat in order to create a far more unpleasant bathroom experience.

Using this toilet will require you to 'squat' more than just 'sit'. The seat slopes down approximately 13 degrees, placing more pressure and strain on legs and knees the longer you're there.

It's called the 'StandardToilet', and it's pinned to be the future of bathroom design.

The 13 degree slope will place uncomfortable pressure on the legs after sitting on it too long. Image: StandardToilet

The intention of the awkward toilet is to encourage workers to spend as little time as possible on the toilet and more time at their desks. It's capitalism at its most glaringly obvious, and it's been backed by the British Toilet Association.

According to developer Mahabir Gill, the product was inspired by the statistic that extended employee breaks costs industry and commerce an estimated £4 billion ($7.6 billion Australian) every year.

The company hopes to roll out their design throughout offices and public spaces across Britain and globally.

The tilted toilet is expected to encourage productivity. Image: StandardToilet

While it sounds like something out of '1984', it does promote a range of health benefits. A number of medical issues occur as a result of sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time, the most common among them is hemorrhoids.

According to 'Live Science', sitting on the toilet for too long relaxes the anus, allowing surround veins to fill with blood and risk causing enlarged hemorrhoids.



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StandardToilet have also stated that with their design they intend to reduce musculo-skeletal disorder and minimise queuing times for bathrooms.

Despite it's many conveniences, critics have expressed concern that this unrelenting quest for productivity is harmful to employees who are already overworked and under-supported.

They can take away our loo breaks, but they'll never take our freedom.

Featured image: StandardToilet