'Absolutely Vile': Two Woolworths Shoppers Find Spiders In Their Products

Two separate shoppers have questioned how spiders managed to find their way into a bottle of mayonnaise and a loaf of bread.

Cheyanne Dolling first alerted the major supermarket to her disturbing find on their Facebook page on December 6.

"How does a spider end up in f**king mayonnaise? Obviously Woolworths’s factory needs a good clean. Absolutely vile," she wrote.

Cheyanne accompanied her complaint with a photo of Woolworth's home brand traditional mayonnaise that had, what appeared to be, a daddy long legs in the corner of the bottle.

Fellow shoppers were quick to react to the find, adding they were 'throwing theirs out', with one questioning how it passed quality control without being noticed.

"If this picture doesn’t say Australia then I don’t know what does," a commenter who found the situation comical joked.

Two days later, another shopper named Merlin Quinlan again alerted Woolworths to a spider he found in a loaf of bread on December 8.

"I recently purchased a loaf of bread from your Northland store and I saw that something was stuck in one of the slices. Turns out to be a spider," he wrote.

"I have no idea how this passed through your quality control area (if you have one) as you could see the spider through the bag as pictured."

Merlin shared pictures of the bread which showed the spider curled up in the corner of one of its slices.

The shopper also requested that Woolworths 'get back to him ASAP' to 'rectify the situation'. Woolworths responded by stating they had sent him a private message.



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"I'm glad I saw it before devouring it!" he said to a fellow shopper who was shocked about the find.

"Never eating bread again, cheers," another commenter added.

10 daily has approached Woolworths for comment. 

Featured image:Facebook