'The Bachelor' Contestant Sogand Stuns Fans With 'Honest' Selfie

Sogand has been open about following a lifestyle of a clean eating and daily exercise.

But the former Bachelor contestant has shared an honest reminder to be kind to our bodies on Instagram, admitting that her body changes from day to day and she's prone to bloating just like the rest of us.

"Some days my abs are on fire and then there are other days when I look more pregnant than my pregnant sister," the civil engineer wrote.

"Even though I know bloating is temporary, I find it so hard to not let it get to me especially when I go on Insta and it’s 'International Flat Stomach Day' so if you’re also having a food baby right now, you ain’t alone."

The side by side images Sogand shared. Images: Instagram

Along with the message, Sogand posted two photos: one showing her abs and the other showing her bloated, adding that she is prone to bloating after eating 'carbs, beer, onion, beans or cauliflower'.

The 31-year-old's followers praised her for her honestly and related to her experience, many whom shared their own experiences of having 'food babies'.

Sogand previously told 10 daily that following a clean diet isn't difficult for her, attributing her will power to cutting out refined sugar from her diet for a month.

"I realised that there were lots of benefits of not having refined sugar. So I decided to give that up for about a month," Sogand told 10 daily.

"Then after that I actually did a nine week challenge that was no refined sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no gluten and that was really amazing."

Sogand said despite being back to eating all of those things now, the experience was life changing and saw her cravings for sugary foods drastically reduce.

"Ever since I've done the no sugar thing I haven't been the same. I don't crave sugar as much, I don't have snack foods and I have a lot more energy," she said.

Sogand said she was so used to sticking to her healthy lifestyle when she went into 'The Bachelor' mansion, that her fellow contestants would affectionately poke fun at her.

"The girls would say to me, 'Oh Sogand it's okay to live a little'. But for me it was actually a lifestyle," she said.

"I was so used to eating clean and being healthy and not eating these things every single day that I didn't struggle."

Featured image: Instagram