'I Couldn't Sit There Like The Boys': Jamie Said He Lost Six Kilos In The Mansion

While many of the men said they didn't follow their usual exercise routines during 'The Bachelorette' filming, Jamie said he amped his up.

Aside from Jamie throwing a bunch of the contestants under the bus when it came to Wednesday night's cocktail party, he had another problem with them in the mansion: they sat around sun baking too much.

"I needed to keep my brain super active, I couldn't just sit there and sun bake like some of the boys did," Jamie told 10 daily of his time during filming. 

Jamie said when they weren't filming for the show, he was either exercising or reading books to fill his time.

Jamie and Timm in the gym. Image: Network 10

"I would exercise three times a day. I lost about six kilos while we were filming because I would wake up at 5am, go train, go back to bed, get up with Jackson and Timm and train with them, then sometimes do an arvo session," he said. 

One of the guys doing a lot of sun baking was a self-admitting Ciarran.

"We would sun bake and would go to the gym, but there's not a lot of motivation so I think I came out a bit pudgy," Ciarran told 10 daily. 



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Many of the other men said they would either hit up the gym or would do laps up and down the driveway to get their exercise in.

"We and some of the boys had a daily gym routine, you have a lot of free time. We would run the driveway too," Alex said. 

Jess said he would get up every morning and do 20 minutes of back and fourth on the driveway as well.

"I'd go to the security guard and back. Then I’d usually hit the gym with Jamie or Matt for half an hour and then I’d do ten more minutes in the driveway and go back down," he said. 

Timm listening intently to Jamie while they gym together. Image: Network 10

Glenn did the gym and driveway combo too, explaining: "I don't know how many laps I ran of that driveway." 

Matt said he was definitely in a better exercise routine at home while Mitch said he didn't go for runs but would hit up the gym and sometimes kick a ball around, with Niranga explaining he took a couple of footies into the mansion.



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Aside for Ciarran, Warwick said he didn't do much exercise either but instead of using the time to sun bake like many of the others, he filled it with... food and Netflix. 

"Lots of them did love to do the workout, I just worked the Netflix out that’s all I did and then ate whatever leftover food there was," Warwick told 10 daily. 

"20 blokes in one house, food does not last at all." 

Featured image: Network 10