'It Was Like Survivor': Why 'The Bachelorette' Constants Hid Food In The Mansion

If you weren't one of the men who could cook, it turns out you scavenged.

While 'The Bachelorette' Angie Kent had her food catered for, when it comes to the suitors, they order their food off a shopping list and cook for themselves when they are in the mansion between filming.

And for many of the men, the kitchen was either their natural habitat or it... wasn't, with many of the men mentioning that Ciarran definitely took the lead when it came to cooking.

"I was one of the few cooks in the house. I was the breakfast connoisseur. Jamie was awful! I don't know a man whose nearly 40 who can't cook," Ciarran told 10 daily. 

Some could cook and some could not. Image: Network 10

Alex added that he also spent a lot of time in the kitchen with Ciarran and their specialty was breakfast.

"Me and Ciarran would take it in turns each morning making breakfast cos we wanted to see each other each morning -- we had a bit of a bromance going on," Alex said. 

Did they eat anything but... chicken?

When Ciarran and Alex weren't making breakie for all of the men, it seems all they ate was chicken in many forms.

Glenn dubbed himself the 'sandwich king of the house' and said he would often cook up chicken and salad sandwiches.

Niranga said he was also one of the cooks in the house, adding: "I cook pretty healthy, my dad’s a chef so he taught me all the ins and outs."

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Matt said he liked cooking for himself too and has always cooked his own food.

"Pretty much chicken, rice and salad. Yeah, I think it’s pretty stock standard for guys to eat chicken and rice," Matt told 10 daily. 

Jess said he 'cooked for all those dirt bags' and mentioned that Jamie 'couldn't cook to save his life'.

"He was asking me all these questions and I was like, ‘Bro!’ I cooked for everyone," Jess said. 

One of Jess', you guessed it, chicken, go-tos was chicken with tomato, mushroom, oregano, garlic and Parmesan cheese.

"You just bake it for 25 minutes. Piece of piss! With a bit of mixed vegetables, they all pulled it down! This is just the beginning of what I can do, okay?" he said. 

The non-cooks tried... or scavenged

Jackson said despite not being the best chef he 'definitely gave it a crack' but when all else failed, men like Jamie would scavenge off the others who were in the kitchen.

"I was constantly trying to get in on other people's meals. Like Timm would be cooking for an hour and I was like, 'Oh I'll chop up a tomato!'" he told 10 daily. 

"Ciarran helped me a lot with showing me how to cook. I think I've been spoiled too much in the past to learn! Also, when I was travelling a lot I would just grab street food."

When all else failed, they hid their food

When it came to the food shops, it seems the men were constantly underestimating how much they would need to order, leading to a Survivor-style situation.

"It was like Survivor. You fully had to start stashing food. I remember avocados they bought five between 20 of us and I was like Adam, you need to hide the avocados," Warwick said.

Lots of the other boys, I think their mums still looked after them so they either didn't know how to cook or just yeah.

And Mitch learned a simple trick to make sure he never when hungry while in the mansion.

"Most of the time I was cooking big meals for myself, packing it away and hiding it! I was bulk-cooking in the morning and I’d hide it so no one else could see it," Mitch said. 

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Like the avos, other highly sought after but scare items further included bananas and eggs and getting those was 'mission impossible'.

"Come dinner time there were so many guys, it was a nightmare," he told 10 daily. 

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Featured image: Network 10