'This Is Just How I Look': Georgia Love Is Tired Of Being Body Shamed Over Her Stomach

Georgia Love once threw away all her bikinis because she was body shamed during a day at the beach and now, it's happened again during a night out with her fiance Lee Elliott.

Sharing the message on her Instagram account, Georgia has asked for strangers to stop commenting on her stomach after followers began to question whether or not she was pregnant in photos from a wedding she attended with fiance Lee Elliott over the weekend.

"To everyone commenting on Lee’s post last night: No, I’m not pregnant. No I haven’t just eaten pasta or had a big lunch. This is just how I look. And I’m really, really sick of being made to feel like it’s not good enough," she wrote. 

Georgia continued to question why she was fielding comments about her body when she was simply enjoying herself at a friend's wedding. 

"This is a happy photo of two happy people celebrating their friends’ wedding. In what world should my body come into it?" she questioned. 

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Georgia emphasized the fact that there are many other topics people can comment on that have nothing to do with her body.

"Feel free to comment below about how beautiful the wedding was, how nice it is to see us back together after I’ve been away, that you like our outfits or, if you REALLY feel the need to comment on how I look, you can point out how good my bum looks when I wasn’t even wearing underwear," she concluded. 

In July of this year Georgia previously opened up about the body shaming experience that lead her to throw away all of her bikinis when photos of her were published during a day at the beach without her knowledge.

Georgia told 10 daily when she told Lee about being papped, he was upset and angry because she was so upset herself.

"He has always made me feel good about myself and how I look so he was furious anyone made me feel otherwise," she told 10 daily at the time.

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Georgia said it took a lot of "positive self-talk" to get past her own insecurities and she's been happier since doing this.

"No one — not even myself — gets to tell me what I should wear. No, I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. But I’m not one - and I don’t want to be."

Featured image: Instagram