'Holy F***ing Sh*t': Abbie Chatfield Furious Over Being Body Shamed Again

The Bachelor runner-up has said she has been body shamed yet again during a day out at the beach.

Posting on Instagram the 24-year-old has discussed the shocking comments that were directed at her following the publication of new bikini photos.

Abbie added that she wanted to go a week without a rant: "But this just never stops and if I see this behaviour and don’t call it out, I am complicit."

She posted photos that were taken of her a few weeks ago by paparazzi while at the beach in Brisbane wearing a new bikini and without a spray tan.

"I was just having a good f**king time. I look at these photos and think 'doll, you should have gotten the Bondi sands out' but... it just looks like my normal body. Not going to frame these bad boys but I certainly didn’t cringe when I saw them," she said.

Abbie went on to explain she was sent a link to an online article containing the photos when she looked at the comments "out of curosity".

"Holy. F**king. Sh*t. Body shaming, Slut shaming, Sexism. These comments don’t necessarily affect me, it sucks to read, but I remember that I am grateful for my body and all that it does for me, and I move on," she added.

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Abbie said what concerns her is that she is a size 8, the size that is deemed to be conventionally "attractive".

"How the F**K are people supposed to love themselves when people in the public eye of ALL sizes are being ridiculed for having normal bodies. I am at the end of my tether with this. STOP commenting on women’s bodies and debating whether or not we are ~allowed~ to wear bikinis. It isn’t your place," Abbie said.

The former reality TV star added that she is healthy, happy and comfortable with her size and doesn't understand why that irritates people online.

"Let me live in my exercises-four-days-a-week-but-also-loves-carbonara rig and leave me in peace. Not for my sake, but for the sake of the mental health of the general public," she said.

Also, if you see this on the Internet or hear about it in person say something. I truly believe people feel it’s okay to say these things because they see others doing it and everyone around them remaining silent. Over it.

Abbie said she lost sleep over her anger she had over the comments, having only just last week opened up about the abortion she had nine months before filming for 'The Bachelor' began.

Abbie said she begged producers not to air the conversation about her abortion on the show which she claims they agreed to do.

"I didn't want the conversation to be aired because I feared public backlash, and I was also dealing with the inner shame myself still at that time," Abbie told 10 daily at the time.

"I also had people in my life who were close to me who didn't know that it had happened. It was something I kept somewhat of a secret."

Abbie said decided to go public with her abortion experience to help other women who have done the same and break down the stigma surrounding it.

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"To any woman who has had an abortion I would like to say that you are not alone, you are not a bad person and you do not need to feel shame for a decision you made about your body," she told 10 daily.

"Many more women than you realise have had abortions, and I understand that it is not an easy decision that is taken lightly. I just hope that I have started at least one conversation around abortion that can lead to breaking down the stigma."

Featured image: Instagram