Angie Had A Morning Ritual She Followed Every Day While In The Bach Pad

Unlike the men vying for Angie Kent's heart, there's not a lot of down time when you're 'The Bachelorette'.

But no matter what the 29-year-old's day looked like when it came to filming or what time she had to be up for hair and makeup, Angie said she never missed a day without exercising in the morning.

And we have to give it to her, if Angie can fit in her daily exercise hit while filming a reality television show, there's little to no excuse for the rest of us (me, I mean, me).

"I would get up every morning and do my exercises no matter what I had planned for that day," Angie told 10 daily. "There’s no way I could’ve got through it without having that 20 to 30 minutes to myself."

Living in the Bach pad, separate to 'The Bachelor' mansion that houses the men in competition for Angie's heart, she had access to her own private gym. (For the record, there is also a gym in the mansion but it's shared between the contestants, so Angie is one lucky gal.)

"I have a gym in my Bach pad so I would do treadmill to warm up and then I would do weights, boxing and some yoga," Angie said.

Really quick though because I only did like 20 to 30 minutes so I’d be like 10 minutes of this, five minutes of this but it just released and got me ready and then just meditating, always.

Angie said she always relied on those little habits to get her through the day and put her in a good head space, so she made sure to "squeeze it in".

Another one of Angie's favourite things to do if she had any downtime was to cook, telling 10 daily, "There was a few nights that I would cook because I love cooking if I had a night off."

Angie also had another sensible rule which was to take off her makeup every night before bed, even if she really just felt like going to sleep.

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"I was really strict with taking my makeup off every night, I literally only got one pimple the whole time and I think that’s because my period was due, so I always made sure to take my makeup off my face before I went to bed," she said.

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Featured image: Network 10