'You Look Pregnant': Abbie Chatfield On Being Body Shamed Over Her Bikini Photo

'The Bachelor' runner-up has opened up about the awful comments she received after sharing a 'happy' and 'real' photo of herself on Instagram.

During the show, the final seven women took part in a bikini shoot that many of them found a daunting process.

While many of the contestants were used to posing for a photo or two at the cocktail parties, standing in your bikini in front of a photographer is quite a different experience.

But when runner up in Matt Agnew's recent season of 'The Bachelor', Abbie Chatfield, saw her photos from that day, she immediately noticed one thing: “I look so happy! That was such a fun day."

Abbie said it's taken her a long time to get to that point and to feel comfortable with and accept her body, a struggle too many women know all too well.

Yet posting on Instagram, Abbie said that the photo of her in her bikini lead to on onslaught of awful and negative comments about her body and her appearance from complete strangers.

"When I first uploaded this photo, I got comments and DMs commenting on my body," Abbie wrote on Instagram.

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"People were saying things like 'you need a new photographer', 'you should have been photoshopped', 'you’re much prettier than this', 'you look pregnant'."

Abbie said when she saw the photo, she didn't immediately analyse her body like she used to and didn't think certain parts of her body needed to be 'flatter, bigger, tighter or smoother'.

"To have people comment on my body in such a way truly upsets me and makes me realise we have such a long way to go," she added.

"I am just a normal gal, I have cellulite and stretch marks and miss spots shaving, my body isn’t perfect, it looks different from different angles and can fluctuate day to day."

Abbie added that she believes the reason she was shamed for her photo was because photoshopping and editing of photos have become so normalised, making it difficult to identify what a 'real' body looks like.

"I understand the temptation when all of your favourite influencers look 10/10 all the time, but if we all use editing apps, it becomes the standard, and then when we see an unedited photo, we don’t see the beauty, only the imperfections," Abbie concluded.

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It's not the first time Abbie has spoken out against the shaming she received for her appearance while on the show.

Speaking to 10 daily, Abbie explained why she thought the outfits she wore on the show seemed to attract more of a negative reaction, despite the wardrobe being very similar to the other contestants.

"Yeah, I think it's also the fact that my body shape is different to Helena’s," she said. "Like, I've kind of always like, had this body."

Abbie said that despite wearing similar clothing to say, Helena for example, due to being more curvy she seems to attract more comments shaming her than what the other women did.

"I don't know if that makes the things that I wear more risque, inherently, I don't know," she told 10 daily at the time.

"I think there's other factors that might seem to be causing so much reaction."

Featured image: Instagram