'It's Crazy': Why The Bachelor's Helena Has Shut Down Instagram Comments On These Photos

Helena went home on Wednesday night after her and Matt were unable to recover from her tumultuous hometown visit.

Yet following the hometown date -- in which Helena said she wanted to leave but Matt asked her to stay, instead saying goodbye to Emma -- Helena received intense and brutal criticism.

So much so that she decided to shut down the comments a number of Instagram posts that she shared as the episode was airing and in the days following.

Many were left frustrated by her behaviour on the show and voiced it on her social channels in words that were less than constructive.

Speaking about the experience, Helena told 10 daily that for the most part, the comments were positive, yet there were a small minority who attacked her and said horrible things about her family, who were featured in the episode.

"Look, actually 90 per cent of the comments were probably positive," she said. "But I was getting quite a few negative comments and people saying horrible things and horrible things about my family."

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Helena said it was at this point that she decided enough was enough and she turned the comments off entirely so as so stifle the commentary around her family during her hometown date.

"That's when I was just like, no way. I'm switching your comments off because it's just like, I'm a resilient person," Helena told 10 daily. "But the minute they drag my family into it or anything -- I just don't understand how people can be so horrible."

People are so nasty. It's crazy. So I just thought, I think it's best if I disabled them for now.

Helena added that she thinks some viewers forget to realise that these are real people they are watching on the show and the impact this might have on the mental health of the contestants can be detrimental.

"I don't think I realised how bad those comments can be for someone's mental health, it affects people more than I realised," she said.

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