'You’re Wasting Your Time': Steve 'Commando' Willis On The Most Common Exercise Mistake

The Former 'Biggest Loser' trainer is in the know when it comes to all things food and fitness related.

As a former military veteran turned PT and television personality who is often putting his health and fitness to the test (let's not forget his time on 'Australian Survivor'), Steve lives and breathes the fitness industry.

It'd be hard not to, given his partner is another famous Australia PT, Michelle Bridges, with whom he shares son Axel. Whether at work or at home, Steve has fitness on his mind most of the time.

So we asked Steve to myth bust some of the biggest questions about health and fitness in 2019. Here's what he told 10 daily:

What's the biggest mistake people make when going to the gym?

Steve said the biggest mistake you can make at the gym is not training with purpose. That means you might do a bunch of reps on a machine, but if the weight is 'easy' and you're not finding it very difficult, then it's probably not doing very much.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym, in a PT training studio or running out on the street – if you’re not training with purpose and sound form, you’re wasting your time and potentially risking injury," the ambassador for Coaching Zone said.

"The benefits of working with a trainer and in a group more often than not sees people achieving far better results than those who train alone and just go through the motions."

Is HIIT is 'over' as an exercise program?

Steve believes HIIT training will always have its place in any sound training program.

"But the idea that you can show up to the gym and every session will be a HIIT is downright ludicrous," Steve said.

"It needs to be balanced with more moderate forms of exercise and conditioning, along with ample, rest and recovery."

What sort of fitness program is the most effective in getting results?

"A program that incorporates cardiovascular, strength and calisthenic conditioning matched with commitment and consistency will achieve fantastic result," Steve said.

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What's more important, diet or exercise?

Steve said when it comes to your overall health, your diet is definitely the most important by far.

"It’s at least 80 per cent diet," he said.

"You can eat well and do moderate amounts of exercise and achieve a sound level of fitness and wellbeing."

Does calorie-counting actually work?

According to Steve, calorie-counting definitely works, but it comes down to your ability to stick to it.

"It definitely works if you have the discipline, commitment and patience and eat wholefoods that support a balanced diet," he said

Can you really target a specific area when it comes to your body?

Steve explained you can definitely target specific areas of your body but you need to have a healthy diet in order to be able to see the benefits.

"If you diet is poor you will never see the benefits of all that ab training," he said.

"My suggestions would be to clean up your diet and commit to a training regime with a focus on overall conditioning."

What's your best tip for staying motivated outside of summer?

Steve doesn't have just one great tip for keeping motivated, but three. The first is to have goals.

"Know what you are working for and towards keeps the motivation fire burning," he said

The second is to understand that things will change, and to not beat yourself up if you deviate too much from where you want to be fitness-wise.

"Be committed for the entire process. This is where most people come unstuck -- commitment requires discipline not motivation," he said.

And the third is to be consistent and patient with your health and fitness, making sure you trust the process.

"Be present and aware of everything that you choose to do and not to do," Steve said.

"These are your old habits and behaviours that more often than not are so entrenched you don’t even realise they exist and are undermining your efforts and every turn."

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