'I Haven't Been The Same Since': Why 'The Bachelor' Contestants Teased Sogand's Diet

The civil engineer said her fellow Bachelor contestants used to joke over her food preferences in the mansion.

While Sogand said she had a protein smoothie everyday for breakfast during her time in the mansion and made 'nice salads' -- the 30-year-old explained that following a clean diet hasn't been a difficult task for her.

And Sogand believes this ease came after she cut refined sugar from her diet for a month. Being influenced by her sister, who happens to be a dietitian, the civil engineer said she began listening to a health podcast by Dr Libby Weaver.

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"I started listening to her [Dr Weaver] and I realised that there were lots of benefits of not having refined sugar. So I decided to give that up for about a month," Sogand told 10 daily.

"Then after that I actually did a nine week challenge that was no refined sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no gluten and that was really amazing."

Sogand said despite being back to eating all of those things now, the experience was life changing and saw her cravings for sugary foods drastically reduce.

"Ever since I've done the no sugar thing I haven't been the same. I don't crave sugar as much, I don't have snack foods and I have a lot more energy," she said.

Before starting the challenge, Sogand said she had decided she would only limit herself to two sugary items a month after she had completed the detox. When she had finished however, she said there was no need.

"I don't need to because I don't have those sorts of cravings anymore. My taste buds have changed. I actually crave dark chocolate and all the things that aren't as sugary. But if I do feel like something I have it, I don't feel guilty about it," she told 10 daily.

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Sogand's strong will power and choice of clean diet were things the women in 'The Bachelor' mansion would even affectionately joke over.

"The girls would say to me, 'Oh Sogand it's okay to live a little'. But for me it was actually a lifestyle. I was so used to eating clean and being healthy and not eating these things every single day that I didn't struggle," she said.

I used to bribe the girls and give them normal chocolate for them to give me their piece of dark chocolate.

A clear fan of detoxes of all types, Sogand even used a 'social media detox' as a cover for her online absence while she was off filming for 'The Bachelor'.

"I actually did that so people don't get suss about me not being on Instagram. I literally have a story every single day so that's what I did. It covered me, yeah, it was good," she told 10 daily.

When it comes to exercise, Sogand is just as motivated as what she is with her diet.

"I have to say I do eat clean and I do go to the gym every single day. I do a lot of classes and I usually do a cardio and weights, HIIT style mixed circuit. I do that twice a week," Sogand said of her weekly fitness routine.

I do boxing once a week and then the other two I either do yoga or I do my own stretches. Also just a heavy weight session as well.

In addition to this, Sogand said she also runs outdoors once or twice a week. But despite enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle, Sogand said her physical appearance can be 'misleading'.

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"Honestly I don't think I've got abs. I've just got the two lines. They're almost misleading. Eating clean and going to the gym definitely does help. The abs definitely do pop out in the morning which is nice," she told 10 daily.

"But I don't want people to feel too bad about themselves because at the end of the day, there are no abs there."

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