'It's Daunting': 'The Bachelor' Stars On Taking Your Clothes Off When You're Not A Model

Kristen, Sogand and Helena posed in front of a camera in just their swimwear -- but what's that really like when you don't call yourself a model?

Speaking to 10 daily, the three Bachelor contestants had one general consensus on taking part in a bikini shoot: daunting.

It's one thing to pose for a photo in the mansion before a cocktail party. It's a complete other to visit the set of a photoshoot -- surrounded by a photographer and assistants who you've only just met -- before getting into your swimwear and in front of the lens of a camera.

"I was really daunted by the prospect of that. Standing there in a bikini, I kind of refused," Helena said.

"I had a sarong that I had wrapped around my waist and they talked me in to taking one photo without the sarong and let me look at the picture."

Once Helena saw the first few pictures, she said she was okay to continue with the shoot.

"Not from a body image perspective, it’s just not something I ever expected I would do. But when we did it, it was quite natural and beautiful and seeing the different body types," she told 10 daily.

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Helena said she doesn't consider herself a model and has only done one shoot previously for a friend.

"I worry about being too thin all the time, and all the girls are all curvy and big boobs. It was daunting but it was a good experience," she said.

I don’t know what I’m doing at all! But it was actually was really empowering. It gave me more confidence in myself. If someone approached me [to do more modelling] I'd never say no now.

Kristen explained she took the day as an opportunity to meet some new people and take interest in their life experience.

"One thing I made a conscious effort to do was get to know every single person who walked through that door -- everyone behind the scenes -- we’re all people we all live amazing interesting lives," she said.

"It was so much fun working with an incredible photographer."

But being in a swimsuit, Kristen said she felt "completely stripped down".

"I did feel a bit nervous myself but we need to be proud of our bodies and who we are and share it with the world," she told 10 daily. "I definitely made sure that I channeled those thoughts as it was all happening."

Sogand echoed a similar sentiment, adding that it's probably one of the hardest things she's ever done.

"I'm not a model. I don't get naked in front of a camera and people in the daylight as well," she told 10 daily. "You stand there and you start comparing your body with everyone else."

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Sogand said that looking at the bodies of the fellow Bachelor contestants who she was shooting alongside, she forgot that everyone is a different age and from a different background.

"It's daunting but I think over the years, I've learned to love my imperfections and accept it for what it is," Sogand said.

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