Here's How 'The Bachelor' Contestants Exercise While In The Mansion

If there's one thing you seem to have a lot of in 'The Bachelor' mansion it's time.

At least that's what many of the women have told us. And aside from eating and watching TV between filming, many of the women spent their spare time working out.

"You have a lot of down time so we were definitely keeping fit in there," Jessica told 10 daily. 

Yet much like the cooks vs. the non-cooks, there was another clear divide in the Bachie mansion and that was between the girls who were avid exercisers and those who they force to tag along with them.

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Being a Pilates instructor, Isabelle was named as the one usually rounding up all the girls and whipping them into an exercise routine.

"I trained the girls pretty much every morning and afternoon we got off. We’d do something in the morning or if we managed to get an afternoon, we’d sneak one in," she told 10 daily. 

"But I would make the girls do a class and whip them into shape."

The gym junkies

'The Bachelor' mansion does have a small gym on site but you'd be forgiven for missing it between everything else going on.

Sogand said the gym has all of the equipment you would normally use and that she would visit in the afternoon and create a little workout for herself.

"It was just a way of getting my mind off things. But I would normally train on my own just to get some time to myself," she said. 

The gym inside 'The Bachelor' mansion. Image: Network 10

Elly was very committed, hitting up the gym three to six times a week depending on her schedule. "I certainly missed the mark on getting my daily steps in like I would at work normally though!" she laughed. 

Elly also got Jessie on board as her fitness partner in crime. "Ellie and I were gym buddies and she had me doing five minute planks every time we went to the gym," Jessie told 10 daily.

But for Rachael, this gym wasn't up to her high standards. "I trained -- the gym is pretty poor, if it was my gym I would definitely make some improvements, but you work with what you’ve got!" she said.

But we’d exercise everyday. I’d usually take Chels down with me or Eleanor and we’d be gym partners.

Helena said she also exercised a lot and for her, it was purely for mental health. "I did it to make myself feel better," she said.

"I trained three to four days a week and I’d train with the girls. Especially on the days when we weren’t filming, I would get up and try to burn off some energy." 

The rise of the alpacas

But as it turns out, only the brave used the gym because there were always pet alpacas close by. "Yes I exercised... while I was running away from the vicious alpacas! My main exercise was trying to climb a six foot fence to get away," Nikki told 10 daily. 

"You'd go down to the gym to work out and then all of a sudden you're making eye contact with an angry alpaca which chased me!"

Jessica added: "I’d do jump-rope in the gym and quite a lot of laps of the garden. I was a bit scared of the alpacas so I’d avoid them."

Cassandra said she only used the gym once thanks to the alpacas chasing her and opted for yoga stretched before bed instead.

HIIT and F45: 'The Bachelor' style

Many of the women where doing their own variations of HIIT and F45 when they wanted to up the intensity of their workouts.

"I started doing workouts with a few of the girls, kind of F45 or HIIT workouts that we’d do everyday. So yeah, once or twice a day I was doing different kinds of HIIT workouts in the gym," Chelsie said. 

Nichole added: "We had a note book and would write down HIIT sessions. I’m into boxing, so I would do that when I had the chance."

Abbie said she also got in on the HIIT sessions but wasn't as motivated to exercise as what she is normally.

"On the outside, I work out like six days a week [but in the mansion] I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to have a break, I deserve a break!'" Abbie told 10 daily.

"I did some HIIT workouts, kind of, when I realised the dumplings were getting to me. But mostly I was known for being like, ‘You girls have fun!’ I might do a bit of stretching, a bit of yoga and that was it," she added. 

Laps, laps and more laps

Another common exercise habit of the women in the mansion was to walk or do laps. "There was a lot of walking around outside the house. Just walking, walking, walking and power-walking," Julie said.

"I would try to force the girls to come on a walk with me in the afternoon when it wasn’t raining. But the whole month pretty much, it was raining, so we ended up stuck at the gym," Rachael added. 

The exercise-adverse

While many of the women enjoyed exercising in the house, there was a group that definitely didn't and would, in fact, go to extreme lengths to avoid it all together.

"I went for one walk. Even though I was bored I still didn't work out. I just decided to watch Netflix. I had all the time in the world and all the time to get fit. But I just sat on the couch," Brianna told 10 daily. 

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Kristen said despite having so much free time she could've used to get fit, she simply couldn't bring herself to do it.

"We have all of this time in the mansion with nothing much to do, you’re on national TV you may as well try your best. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t walk to the gym!" she said. 

There were a few times that Elly would write-up a beginners workout for Emma and I. A few times she’d teach a rookie class for Emma and I. But it was on the odd occasion.

Emma said she tried her hardest to 'chill out' and definitely doesn't consider herself a gym bunny.

"A couple of girls would drag me down to the gym and put me through my paces. The girls wouldn’t tolerate any of my excuses. I was made to work out!" she explained. 

When it came to exercise, Mary only had one thing to say and it was: "HECK NO. No workout for me honey, I was like, 'This has to be a holiday for me too' so NO."

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And Vakoo was in the same boat, explaining that she doesn't like the gym and didn't do any activities. "I was the person inside that was like , 'I don't need to tan, I don't go to the gym!'" she told 10 daily. 

"Chelsie tried to take me to the gym, I did eight squats I said I’d be back I'm going to the bathroom and I never came back! I hate the gym."

Oh Vakoo, never change.

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