Carrie Bickmore On How She Manages To Fit In Exercise With Three Kids

The Project host is one busy woman, juggling three jobs as well as three kids.

So how exactly does Carrie Bickmore fit in exercise when it would be easy to let it fall to the bottom of the to-do list? Well Carrie said that's exactly where a lot of people go wrong.

Appearing on Studio 10 on Wednesday morning, The Project host said, "I've become one of those people that I just have to do it and not think about it."

"I think with work, school sport, homework, all the stuff at home, if I actually tried to plan my time to exercise it would be at the very bottom of the list and I'd never do it."

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Carrie explained it's a matter of finding 'little windows' in her already overflowing day to sneak in some exercise.

"So if I get little windows I just duck out for a run. I do heaps of walking with Addie in the pram," she said. "Things like on the weekend going to Pilates with a friend. I really love being active, more for my mental health to be honest, than my physical health."

Carrie said the biggest reason she exercises, particularly when it comes to going for runs, is the impact it has on her mental health, even more so than her physical health.

"There's been so many times in my life where running has helped so much. I don't know what it is but I always feel better after a run. My head just feels cleared and for me, that's a big reason why I run," she told Studio 10.

Having only recently given birth to her third child, Adelaide, less than a year ago, the radio host said she is also happy just to be able to move again following her pregnancy.

"When I was pregnant I had massive pelvic issues, I had to wear a sexy girdle and all that stuff. I couldn't move and it really affected my mental health. So now that I'm back and feeling good, I just want to get out there and do it."

Carrie further added the way she exercises has had to change as she's gotten older, sharing that in her 20s she did a lot of step classes and Tae Bo boxing.

"The thing about getting older is when I was in my 20s I could do whatever I wanted to my body and it didn't really matter. But as I'm getting older I've noticed if I don't listen to it then it shuts down. Then I think long term that won't be a benefit to me or the kids," Carrie said.

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Carrie said it took her a long time to get back to running after giving birth, explaining that she did a lot of walking in the lead up and slowly got into Pilates again. She also went to physios to 'get things checked out'.

"I've actually had quite a lot of friends who've had massive problems with their bits post babies, falling out, and I'm not someone who's done enough pelvic floors in my time," she said.

Carrie said she was very careful when taking running up again and that she does so differently to the way she did before having children.

"Before kids I would push through all of the pain where as now when I'm running if I am noticing that I'm in pain I'm stopping. I've worked out that that'll help me more in the long run than being the hero that makes it to the end. I'm just trying to be a bit more respectful of my body."

As an ambassador for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Carrie will be participating in the 10 kilometre run in coming weeks.

"The first time I ever did a 10 kilometre run I cried as I crossed the finish line because I never thought I'd ever be able to do something like that. But I worked up to it slowly and I think there's something about being involved in something like that," she said.

Carrie explained the adrenaline created from participating in a marathon like this is 'actually quite emotional'.

"I've done lots of them with Ollie as well and taken him to these kinds of events because they're great family days. I don't know whether it's all the chemicals that are released in your body or something but you feel great," she said.

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