This Is Exactly What 'The Bachelor' Contestants Eat While They're In The Mansion

A clear division existed in 'The Bachelor' mansion and it wasn't between those who were getting involved in drama and those who weren't.

It actually came down to the cooks and non-cooks. Many of the 28 women vying for Matt Agnew's heart didn't consider themselves talented cooks so were happy to be catered for by the other women who did.

Chelsie told 10 daily: "I eat so simply, I add no flavour to anything, but I had a good thing going with some of the other girls, they would cook for me and I would very happily do all of the cleaning up!"

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Emma said the kitchen was not her natural habitat and she avoided that side of the mansion altogether. She explained that the other women "kept me living and breathing and if they weren’t around I relied on beans on toast."

So who did most of the cooking?

Many of 'The Bachelor' contestants mentioned that Elly was one of the biggest cooks in the mansion, though they would often batch cook or break into smaller cooking groups to cater for individual dietary requirements.

"We tried to cook a communal meal when we could, but if certain people couldn't eat certain things we would break up into little groups and make meals," Julie told 10 daily. 

Kristen said: "Elly cooked for a lot of us actually. She loves cooking. If Elly wasn’t feeding me and I had to feed myself, I'd do anything that took a max of two mins prep."

I’d eat Vita-Weats with cream cheese, hummus and salami. To mix it up there was falafel in a packet and I'd eat that with a bucket of hummus and put some lettuce on there to make it healthy. I did not get sick of it!

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Elly said she cooked for herself every single day and Abbie had some go-to meals in her rotation. "I would make the girls like a salmon bake," she said.

Helena was also in the kitchen a lot and "had steak and veg most nights."

Oh the... dietary requirements

Others kept out of the kitchen for a different reason and it was to avoid the plethora of different dietary requirements. Jessie said she thought she would be one of the cooks in the mansion but this made it hard for her to be in the kitchen.

"The girls had so many unique dietary requirements -- gluten intolerance, canola intolerance -- which I didn’t even know was a thing," she said. 

We had a list on the fridge with everyone’s dietary requirements and mine was the only one left blank! So basically, I just ended up making little salads for myself and ate lots of cous cous!

Following a plant-based diet, Cass said this was catered for her in the mansion. "There were vegan options so I was making falafel salad, vegan bolognaise and snack on nuts and fruit," she said. 

Grocery shop or Hunger Games?

When it came to doing the grocery shop, many said it got a bit hectic. Sogand said she didn't want to get involved at all so would squirrel ingredients for the protein smoothie she had for breakfast every day and made "nice salads".

"I’d have all the ingredients for that," she said. "You can imagine how it is when there’s 20 something girls ordering! So I’d just work with what I had as long as there was some kale, spinach, salmon and eggs!" 

What's on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast was kept relatively simple, with the women making healthy bowls, toast or cereal. "Breakfast was usually yoghurt or a smoothie bowl," Helena said. 

Nichole would make bowls too or would have peanut butter. "Anything easy," she added, while Vakoo developed an obsession with Crunchy Nut cereal that's continued since she left the mansion.

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"I would eat it every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would always go back to Crunchy Nut. It’s like unlimited free food and I'm like om nom nom," she said. 

And get ready for it, Nikki said she ate ice-cream for breakfast every morning. "You need to cleanse your palate. And I was doing our lactose-intolerant friends a favour!" she laughed. 

Helena said when it came to lunch, it was usually a situation of whatever was going. "We’d make these concoctions," she explained. 

Nichole said the night was when the kitchen was the busiest and would help with cleaning up and "just eat whatever was given to me!"

Jessica said the kitchen in the evenings was a bonding area. "We would all cook together," she said. 

Those who didn't cook baked

There was a lot of baking going on in the Bachelor mansion too. With Mary working in a cafe, she said she'd often make chocolate or apple cakes.

"I was always baking scones too," she said. "Something for the girls! I'm not on a diet so I was eating whatever I want."

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"I used to make caramel tarts for the girls because I thought, why not! A tart for some tarts," Nikki jokingly added. 

There was a lot of snacking going on too

Several of the women mentioned there was a lot of snacking going on in the Bachelor mansion.

"Because there’s not much to do (you have one TV between 28 girls) all I found myself doing was eating to pass the time!" Rachael said.

I put on so much weight in that house, I came out and I had to do major damage control! It was appalling, it was like I had a binge eating disorder or I was emotional eating, it was not on!

Nikki said she ate copious amounts of hummus. "I could go through a bucket in a few days," she explained. 

But our favourite snack of all is perhaps one that can only be referred to as 'dumpling-gate'. Abbie said she decided if Matt wasn't going to love her being five kilos heavier then "I’m not gonna be loved at all." 

"I started eating dumplings -- we had these frozen ones, from Coles!" she said. "So this is really bad, we would just eat BAGS of them with Japanese mayo and soy sauce." 

"I was like ‘this is my holiday, I deserve to sit by the pool and eat dumplings!’ and I turned into a dumpling, but it’s okay, because it was worth it."

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