Kayla Itsines On How She Avoids Getting Acne From Her Workouts

Instagram influencer and fitness guru Kayla Itsines has gone public with her struggle with acne on social media.

Itsines shared pre and post images of her journey with acne via Instagram story on Monday and revealed which bad habits she stamped out to help reduce her angry skin.

The before and after photos. Photo: Instagram/ Kayla Itsines.

At the core of her advice is avoiding the transfer of germs from gym equipment to the face. She said her "biggest personal trainer tip" is avoiding touching gym equipment everyone else has used and then wiping your face with the same hand.

She also encouraged her followers to carry hand sanitiser with them at the gym and to avoid contact with hi-use areas on equipment like handles and ropes where possible.

"Do not touch or try not to touch the treadmill handles. They are very dirty," Itsines said in a video shared to her Instagram story.

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One of Itsines' tips is to avoid touching your skin at the gym. Photo: Instagram/ Kayla Itsines.

Instines said she managed to cure her acne by following eight simple tips and using a variety of low-cost skincare products to cleanse her skin. She explained that some of her go-to products cost just $14.

Apart from avoiding germ transfer from gym equipment, Instines also advised her followers to change their pillowcase every second evening --especially if you don't wash your hair after every workout -- and avoid putting your gym towel in the same bag as dirty gym shoes.

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Itsines eight tips. Photo: Instagram/ Kayla Itsines.

"Do not use the same towel you use to wipe benches to wipe your face with," Itsines warned in another of her tips.

She claimed following these eight rules and following a simple skincare routine "fixed my skin".

While she's an advocate for building "healthy habits" Itsines stressed that she's not a skincare expert and that it can take a little trial and error to determine the best routine for each individual.

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