Bachelor Matt Agnew Let Us In On His 'Mathematical Approach' To Diet And Exercise

Matt Agnew gave us a peek into the diet and exercise regime that keeps him looking so FIT.

It's no easy gig being the 'Bachelor' with a steady stream of ~physical~ dates that can involve anything from playing AFL, to hiking a bushwalking trail or, in previous years, jumping out of a plane.

Not only does Matt's schedule of activities require him to be in tip-top shape, his full diary means he needs to be extra focused in making sure he sticks to his very organised regimen of healthy eating and exercising.

We asked Matt about what he's tucking into at Chez Agnew (and the Bach mansion) and it wasn't surprising at all to learn that the astrophysicist has a bit of a "mathematical approach" to his diet.

Photo: Network 10.
Matt's Diet

Matt told 10 daily that he "enjoys an intermittent fasting diet", a system that's been lauded by science presenter and journalist Michael Mosley. It basically means eating your meals within a chosen window of the day (for example, having your first bite at 11am and your last meal at 7pm).

"I've never been a big breakfast person, even as a kid, so it suits me well," Matt explained, but added that it's important to find the diet that suits your own lifestyle. 

"I think it's most important to find what works for you, whether that's intermittent fasting, smaller meals more frequently or a traditional three square meals."

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As well as sticking to his fasting window, Matt explained that he also keeps an eye on the size of his meal portions.

"I'm pretty mathematical with my approach, so I generally weigh out everything and measure it all. It's not necessary to be so diligent, but I think it's good to do it even for a week or two just to help you get an idea of portion sizes and things like that."'

He explained that he pretty much stuck to his regular schedule in the 'Bachelor' mansion but as his schedule became "more intense" a few of his regular habits "naturally dropped off".

"I think it's really important in those scenarios to be forgiving and kind to yourself. You're allowed to slip up. Just shrug it off, it happened, and continue to move forward positively."

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What's On The Menu?

Matt told 10 daily that he's into "a lot of lean protein and veggies, chicken breasts, egg whites, and low-fat yoghurts".

"I'd have some muesli when I needed to carb up, but I'd also make sure to include treats to help keep myself sane. A beer here, some chocolate there. It's important to have a balance.

"Life is still to be enjoyed!" 

Amen, Matt!

Matt's Exercise Routine

We already know that Matt enjoys jogging along beaches without his shirt in slow motion but the 'Bachelor' told us a few other ways he gets his blood pumping.

"I usually lift weights four times a week, and then run two-three times a week (just shorter four-kilometre runs, nothing crazy). I used to do yoga but it's dropped off," he told 10 daily.

It's inspiring stuff that we'll keep in mind next time we're curled up on the couch with a pile of snacks watching 'The Bachelor'.

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