Why 'Australian Survivor' Contender Sarah Ayles Was Rarely Seen Bathing

Personal hygiene is difficult enough on 'Australian Survivor' with a complete absence of the usual bathing facilities we're all used to.

Survivors are forced to make do with ocean water and palm fronds to do the tough job that a luxurious hot shower normally takes care of when they need to scrub away that persistent island-life dirt.

But, according to contestant Sarah Ayles, who survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, there's an extra element of scrutiny that makes scrubbing yourself clean on the reality show extra tricky.

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"Look, I think some of us might have smelt worse than others?" Sarah told 10 daily of her fellow Contenders tribe.

"It's hot, there's times where we were really hot and sweaty and being my size and being in a tribe of completely gorgeous people, to have a wash you've gotta go out into the ocean with cameras around," she explained.

"I'm just gonna, like wash! I just don't want to be filmed doing it! I'd sort of traipse down the beach like 10 metres away," said Sarah.

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Which is completely understandable because we're sure that none of us would like to have our personal hygiene routines broadcast to the nation.

"You do your best but the end of the day, we're all in the same boat," she said of the stinky gang of Survivors.

Although fan favourite, the mullet-sporting miner John has absolutely no problem in dropping his dacks to make sure he avoids "jock-rot" with a refreshing splash in the South Pacific Ocean.

John has no qualms about flashing the camera. Photo: Network 10.

Bathing issues aside, Sarah told 10 daily that, overall, her time on 'Australian Survivor' provided a few health benefits, including that she "lost some weight" after subsisting on rice and coconuts for so long.

But more importantly, she explained that the experience was important for her to show to "anyone out there" that it didn't matter how old you are or how many kilos you weigh, you can "just get out there".

"Forget what people think and give it a crack!"

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.