'All Of Us Dealt With That': Janine Reveals Gross Side Effect Of A Coconut Diet

Getting by on 'Australian Survivor' means outwitting, outlasting and outplaying a very specific diet of rice and coconuts.

Although the harsh outdoor living conditions and meagre food rations of the reality show do have some very surprising health benefits -- they also have the potential to cause, er, mayhem with the players' bowels, shall we say.

We asked a few of this season's Champions and Contenders for the low down on how their health was affected by their time on the show and it's a stark reminder that when it comes to a healthy diet, variety is the spice of life.

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Boost Juice Queen Janine Ellis is probably used to a few more types of fruit on the menu than just plain coconut and she told 10 daily that too much of a good thing can sometimes cause a few sticky issues.

"I mean, look, coconut gives you diarrhoea if you eat too much of it, so I think all of us dealt with that the whole time, and farting and burping.

"But other than that I think everyone was in pretty good shape physically, other than fatigue, because you haven’t got the fuel in your body that you need," she explained.

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AFL legend Simon Black told 10 daily that while he dropped a bit of weight during his time on 'Australian Survivor' there was one health benefit that he hadn't predicted.

"My skin! Man, with the lack of sugar and you know, alcohol, caffeine and everything, my skin glowed! I remember coming out and thinking ‘my skin looks great!’" he laughed.

"It was really amazing, with a Fiji tan, as well."

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AFLW star Abbey Holmes told us that she was totally at home with the minimalistic 'Survivor' camp setup.

"I personally feel like I managed the conditions really well -- I'm a get your hands dirty, outdoorsy chick anyway so in terms of the food situation and sleeping on the floor and being in the elements," she insisted.

And while she mentioned "not showering" and "not having access to toothbrushes" as being part of the experience, Abbey said she really just embraced the tough conditions.

"It was the hardest thing I've ever done but also the best at the same time."

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Boxing Day tsunami survivor Sarah said that the experience helped her to lose a few kilos, but more importantly, she got to show her kids to be fearless and give everything a good crack in life.

"I've just  had the best life experience and it's just made me want to really show my kids and anyone out there that it doesn't matter how old you are, how many kilos, what you look like, what weird hobbies you have, whether you're shy, will be or slightly kind of eccentric like I am," she told 10 daily.

"Just get out there and forget what people think and give it a crack. It's made me more positive and hopeful that my kids one day choose to live their life for themselves, not for other people."

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