'You Quickly Start To Stink': How The Survivors Deal With Personal Hygiene

With no toiletries like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, body wash or deodorant being allowed on 'Australian Survivor', how do the contestants keep themselves clean?

We asked some of the Survivors to tell us. Spoiler: it's not pretty.

From using bamboo and charcoal to brush their teeth and bathing in the ocean using nothing else but sea water and sand, they told us all their tips and tricks for keeping clean.

Here's what they had to say:

Janine Allis, CEO of Boost Juice and 'Shark Tank' Judge

"It was interesting, we actually chewed bamboo because it had little bristles like a toothbrush. We dipped bamboo into the ashes and that’s how I brushed my teeth. I did that twice a day, then washed my mouth out with salt water, spat that out and drank fresh water.

"But to be honest with you, the people who I was close by, we never had any bad hygiene! Maybe it’s because our bodies didn’t have any sort of toxins in us, if that makes sense.

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"I couldn’t smell any BO and no one that I was speaking to had bad breath. It was amazing -- maybe that’s how the world makes money, we all eat crappy food and we smell. It was just really bizarre!

"I hadn’t washed my hair for all that time and my hair was amazing, my skin was amazing and my teeth were still white!"

Shaun Hampson, Former AFL Player

"What you see is what you get on 'Australian Survivor'. We don't go off camera and have a quick little wash with any sort of soap or anything like that.

"You're  jumping in the ocean and you're scrubbing yourself with sand.  If you want to brush your teeth, you're using charcoal or a bit of palm frond.

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"You quickly start to stink. It doesn't happen gradually, people start stinking real early."

David Genat, International Model

"I'm obsessively clean. Like, I'm OBSESSIVELY clean because I'm having people touch my face all the time or put makeup on me -- I hate having dirty skin and dirty hair. So it took awhile for me to get over that mental hump!

"Luke had a couple of great tricks from the show from the season previously on how to deal with brushing the teeth.

"We cut up young palm leaves and used the little sticks to kind of chew on the end and it became a bit like a toothbrush. We put charcoal in our mouths and turned that into a paste for our teeth.

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"But for the most part you're just using like sand in the ocean to try and give yourself a bit of a exfoliation.

"Yeah unfortunately the campfire seems to be the 'eau de toilette' of the camp (laughs). That nice campfire scent just descends over everyone, so you don't have to worry about too much body odour.

"But it's definitely pretty interesting at the beginning there..."

Luke Toki, Former 'Australian Survivor' Contestant

"It’s weird, the first time I went out there, I think I lasted 46 days, and your body goes through a full transformation. So you’re not eating sugars and stuff like that, so your teeth and all that stuff, your immune system kicks in.

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"It’s kind of like a detox, I really should bring out a fitness and diet program because as bad as it is for your body, sometimes it is good to just have a bit of a detox.

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"You’re brushing your teeth with a stick, I suppose, maybe we’ll keep that one out of it! But it’s all an experience. I think being out there, you’re a real castaway!"

Simon Black, AFL Legend and Brownlow Medallist

"The ocean was my shower, so I made sure I got in the water every day and surprisingly, that was okay!

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"We kind of found that because of our diets, our body odour and everything wasn’t too bad. Unless you did a long challenge, but generally it was pretty good!"

Abbey Holmes, AFLW Premiership Winner

"Personal hygiene was one of my main concerns going in, I was like, 'no, surely, surely they'll have a toothbrush!' My partner was like, 'Honey, Honey, I don't think that you will, so just be prepared for that mentally!'

"In saying that, I didn't absolutely hate it too much because you're not eating the sugar, processed foods and preservatives that you would be back home in Australia,

"So you don't really feel as much as you would if you didn't brush your teeth for an extended period of time at home It was actually quite bearable, as gross as it sounds!"

Daisy Richardson, Contender

"I've got really curly hair. So that's pretty tough when you don't have a hair brush. It gets to the point where after a couple of days, you all start to smell the same collectively, anyway, so people don't even notice.

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"It's a tough game! You have to get comfortable with being a grub. Very quickly. I also have endometriosis. So going in there, I was really concerned.

"It was a bit of a worry because when you have a chronic illness and you go into play a game like that, nothing really helps. There wasn't a bed to lie on, things get tough and it was tricky."

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Sarah Ayles, Contender

"You're not eating sugar, and charcoal works a treat for brushing teeth. As for other hygiene issues. Look, I think some of us might have smelt worse than others?

"You know, it's hot. There's times where we were really hot and sweaty. And being my size and being in a tribe of completely gorgeous people, to have a wash, you've gotta go out into the ocean with cameras around.

"I just don't want to be filmed doing it! I'd sort of traipse down the beach like 10 metres away -- you do your best but at the end of the day, we're all in the same boat."

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