'Survivor' Contestants Tell Us How They Physically And Mentally Prepared, It's Intense

As it turns out, all of the hard work happens before the show even starts, and for those who don't prepare? Well, they suffered.

From smashing it at the gym, to meditating and giving up coffee, the cast of 'Australian Survivor' did it all before their time in Fiji.

According to many of them, it made all the difference. We spoke to Janine Allis, Luke Toki, Shaun Hampson, Simon Black and Abbey Holmes (just to name a few) about how they prepared physically and mentally before 'Australian Survivor' even started.

Here's what they had to say:

Janine Allis, CEO of Boost Juice and 'Shark Tank' Judge

"Physically, I trained. I did hot yoga two or three times a week, in the six or seven weeks in the lead up to it, and that sort of helped. I also went back to the gym and did strength and conditioning two or three times a week and then just walking.

"I totally gave up sugar and coffee 28 days out, four weeks before I went in. I like to drink red wine, so that was just totally cut back as well, just all sorts of refined sugary foods, bread, I cut all that out.

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"I didn’t want to go away knowing that I was going to have withdrawals from everything, it was actually interesting. A couple of the people didn’t do that and they suffered for the first four or five days that they were in there.

"The mental side, knowing that my husband and family were all in a good space, that was all the mental preparation that I needed."

Shaun Hampson, Former AFL Player

"I put on a little bit of weight. So I got to the heaviest I've been which is 108-109 kilograms. But I also trained my ass off too because I have watched so much 'Survivor'. I knew the types of challenges and the types of strength that would come in handy.

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"I spent months leading up to it working on things like grip strength and enlisting my body weight. I tried really hard a few times a week and really improved. That's one thing you know with obstacle courses and stuff, it really helps."

David Genat, International Model

"I wanted to be as physically fit as possible. I had really specific programming I was doing fitness wise like weight work, a lot of balance training and hand eye coordination. Stuff for the challenges.

"I quit drinking alcohol and didn't drink coffee. I eat a pretty strict paleo diet for the most part. About six weeks out I  was eating as much to put on as much fat as possible because I usually stay quite lean. And I knew that I'd be needing some fat as energy stores.

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"I went in a fair bit heavier than I usually am and went to 97 kilograms. I usually sit around 92ish kilograms. So I was hitting it pretty hard. It was awesome because I never usually get to relax like that.

"I actually really enjoyed that part, I was like, 'This is amazing, cheeseburgers almost every night!'

"Mentally, I really got into this Wim Hof breathing technique. My wife introduced me to it about six weeks before and we went to a seminar. He is The Iceman and does challenges in extreme cold conditions. And I actually am terrible at the cold. I tried to toughen myself up mentally for when it came to water challenges or being cold. That really helped."

Luke Toki, Former 'Australian Survivor' Contestant

"I ate a lot of spaghetti, a lot of food. It doesn’t matter how hard you train, it’s about enjoying your last week of food because you’ll regret not eating that last brownie, or that packet of chips.

"I ate everything because I knew I would be starving coming up to it, so nothing changed much! I was a fat boy before I went in there!

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"I think people could probably learn from my preparation, you just overeat before you go in because after day one, you’ll be regrettin’ that chocolate bar you didn’t eat!"

Simon Black, AFL Legend and Brownlow Medallist

"I went to the gym, a combination of treadmill running, water rower and floor weights, I did that.

"I probably could’ve done some more training mentally (laughs) to toughen myself up a little bit more! I found I probably wasn’t as mentally strong as I was when I was an AFL footballer. I gave it my best shot!

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"I stopped the coffee probably about a week out and if I had my time again, I probably would’ve eaten more fat before going in."

Abbey Holmes, AFLW Premiership Winner

"I'm a very active person as it is. You'll never kind of catch me sitting still. If I've got a spare hour between meetings or something, I go for a walk.

"So I didn't have to change in terms of  my routine and preparation for 'Survivor' because I'm pretty much training six or seven days of the week, whether it's through footy or just in the gym myself."

In terms of my food, I absolutely love food so I ate whatever I wanted.

Daisy Richardson, Contender

"I trained pretty hard. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world. So to get that up to even regular standards was tough. Mentally, I tried to do a little bit of meditating beforehand.

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"I cut off coffee six weeks before -- I was really glad I did that, there were some people in there that had some pretty nasty withdrawals. If I had my time again, I probably would have just gorged on food and enjoyed it while I had it."

Sarah Ayles, Contender

"I drank coffee and alcohol right up to the day that went in! I went cold turkey out there. Physically though, I guess I've always been active. I'm a bit of a gym person when I get time.

"But I did join a CrossFit gym a couple of months ago when I knew I was cast and tried to do my best with a lot of ridiculously strong people."

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.

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