Woman Gets Temporary Bum Lift Using ‘Fire Cupping’ -- But Is It Safe?

Women will go to great lengths to get a bum that looks like Kim Kardashian's, but one woman might have taken it a step too far.

There is a whole market in making your bum look bigger and more sculpted, from moisturisers, to bum lifting shape-wear and workouts designed to tone your behind.

Yet one woman has gone to terrifying extremes to achieve this look, and we don't think we'd be rushing to give it a try ourselves.

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Twitter user @Halfluo shared a video with her 6,250 followers of a temporary bum-lift technique known as 'fire cupping' that she had performed.

The 90-second video -- thought to have been filmed in Morocco -- shows a pot containing small flames being applied and squeezed onto the woman's right bum cheek.

Image: Twitter

Within a few minutes the technician removes the pot to show the woman's soot-covered bum looking sore, painful and swollen.

The 'fire cupping' butt treatment works by creating a vacuum of hot air around the bum cheek which in turn causes swelling and redness as the blood vessels expand to create the temporary look.

Image: Twitter

Traditionally, the ancient fire cupping treatment is typically used for sports injuries as it increases blood circulation and is an alternative to deep tissue massage. The treatment is not recognised as a temporary cosmetic bum-lifting procedure, which doesn't appear to be available in Australia.

The reaction to the fire cupping bum video has mostly been one of shock, with users commenting that they would not have the procedure done themselves.

Others speculated that it could cause health issues long term and potentially cause burns in the short term or circulation problem in the long term.

Many others compared it to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge which swept social media and saw people trying to enhance the size of their lips by sucking them into a shot glass.

While the fire cupping technique isn't known to have caused any injuries as yet, Sarah*, who used a device called the Lipple to 'safely and naturally' enhance her lips had an awful experience.

It works by sucking lips into the device to enhance the size of the pout and is said to be an alternative to lip fillers and injectables.

Sarah had good results immediately after sucking on the device and following the instructions. Yet the following day she woke up to sore and burnt lips that resulted in scabbing.

The Lipple device. Image: Supplied

While their website states you should follow the guide to reduce the risk of bruising around the lips, Sarah experienced bruises and burning despite following the instructions.

"It takes approximately 7-10 days for your lips to get used to using Lipple. We recommend that you follow our guide below in order to get the best results," the Lipple instructions read.

"I had the results I wanted immediately after using the Lipple and put lipstick on over the top before going out for the night. But the next day my lips were so sore and bruised," Sarah told 10 daily.

The result after using the Lipple. Image: Supplied

"Luckily I had some time off work because I was too embarrassed to leave the house. It looked like I had a moustache and it took a few weeks or so for it to heal."

Sarah was concerned about the long term impact of the device on her top lip but thankfully it scabbed and healed. She said she will not be using the device again.

Nicole Montgomery, Creative Director of Trusted Surgeons, told 10 daily that using fire cupping as a butt lifting technique runs the risk of causing bruising, burns, blisters, and painful skin infections.

The top of Sarah's lips were burned the next day. Image: Supplied

"Earlier this year Jitangsu Province Children’s Hospital completely stopped using cupping after 92 patients developed severe skin reactions. These infections included painful blisters, itchy, weeping and peeling skin," she said.

Montgomery said she would advise against the use of the technique and added it's important to get advice from a reputable surgeon if you are wanting to explore non surgical butt lifting options.

This is a fad praying on the insecurities of young women and men. I would assume a qualified Chinese Medical Practitioner would not perform this procedure. Apart from the Instagram image, I do not believe this procedure will enhance anyone’s quality of life.

Should men or women seek these results, Montgomery suggested Emsculpt as a trending and safe non-surgical option.

She further advised against invasive surgeries such as a Brazilian buttock lift, explaining it would offer the results but presents serious risks.

* Names have been changed to maintain privacy.

Featured image: Twitter