Tully Smyth Shares Raw Photo From Her Mum's Bedside After She Passed Away From Dementia

The former 'Big Brother' contestant lost her mother earlier in the month and now she's shared an emotional photo.

The 31-year-old shared a powerful post in honour of her mum on Tuesday, pictured covering her face as she cried while she held her mum's hand next to her bedside.

"There is nothing worse than watching someone you love slowly disintegrate, feeling totally and utterly helpless," she wrote.

Tully then took the opportunity to encourage her followers to donate to Dementia Australia to help fund research to find a cure for the disease, which is the second leading cause of death in Australia.

"However whilst there was nothing we could have done for mum... there is something we can ALL do to help find a cure for this insidious disease," she added.

"In fact it’s the number one cause of death for females in Australia. These stats are terrifying and there isn’t nearly enough being done in terms of researching the disease, finding a cause or cure and raising awareness."

"It would mean the world... to myself, my family and all the other families dealing with dementia if you could donate," she concluded.

The post comes after Tully posted about her mother's loss last week, following a long battle with the illness throughout her life.

She accompanied her message with a photo of herself hugging her mum as a little girl.

"After spending the day lying side by side in the warmth of the sun, I told my mum how proud she would be," she wrote.

"How proud she would be of Dad, stepping up to the plate and raising three teenagers into intelligent, funny, thoughtful humans. How his loyalty and love had been unwavering."

I told her that she was the best mum in the world and thanked her for choosing me to be her daughter. How lucky I was to have had such a powerhouse of a woman to look up to.

"Then I finally let go of her hand, kissed her and whispered that she could let go if she wanted to. That it was okay. We’d be okay."

Tully shared that her mum had been fighting the disease for over 20 years and that her mum didn't fully recognise her since she was 19-years-old.

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"At 4pm Monday the 1st of July our beloved mum... Dad’s beautiful girl, Kay, finally lost her 23 year long battle with early onset Alzheimers and yesterday, we laid her to rest surrounded by our friends and family," she wrote.

"You were so loved Mumma and I’m so thankful you are finally at peace."

The reality TV star later shared an early photo of her mum, writing, "My heart is f***ing broken."

"This has been the hardest week of my life... I am shattered."

Tully opened up about what caring for her mother in her final days was like in a blog post on her website Young Blood Runs Free.

“I had trouble giving her a third of her meal. A nursing manager confirmed her lack of appetite. After 16 years her body has had enough and is shutting down. A palliative team is being formed," read an email from her dad in April.

“I feel a sudden surge of vomit race up my throat and I stumble towards my balcony. The world is spinning and I can’t breathe. this can’t be happening,” she said.

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“I let out a primal scream and slide down the side of the oven. I’m now in a heap on the floor of my kitchen. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready.”

Deaths from dementia including Alzheimer's disease have risen from 13,126 to 13,729 year-on-year, with women accounting for more than 8800 of the people whose underlying cause of death was from those conditions in 2017, according to SBS.

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