'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Attacks Airline After Falling Out Of Wheelchair

Abby Lee Miller was travelling with American Airlines when the incident happened at the gate. She said it's now left her feeling "stiff" and has caused body aches.

The “Dance Moms” star was at Pittsburgh International Airport on Sunday, posting about the incident on Instagram.

“Help! ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ isn’t that the truth?” Miller, 52, wrote alongside a picture of herself after the fall.

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Miller blamed the airline for choosing a poor location for her to transfer from the aisle chair to her own chair for the accident.

“Let’s just say my transfer from the aisle chair to my own chair didn’t go so well! The move should’ve happened on the bridge like usual and not in front of a hundred people waiting to board."

Miller said when she did fall, the situation was also not handled well by the American Airlines staff.

"I shouldn’t have had to ask for someone to call the paramedics and maybe the @americanair gate manager should've at the very least asked if I was okay?"

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The dance coach did later thank the international airport escorts and "hot" firemen for helping her.

"Thank you to all the international airport escorts that were so very kind and the hot firemen who swiftly got me on my feet, into my chair and on my way!!!”

She later updated her fans in the comments section explaining that she was feeling “stiff” and her “body aches” after the ordeal.

“My right hip & knee banged up,” she wrote. “Right shoulder is sore.”

Following the incident an American Airlines official issued an apology to Miller and refunded her flight in full, PEOPLE reported.

“We are concerned by the issues raised by Ms. Miller regarding her recent experience at Pittsburgh International Airport and are working with our contracted special assistance vendor to review the incident."

“We have been in touch with Ms. Miller to apologise and are providing her a full refund as a result of her experience.”

The reality star was diagnosed with cancer last April following her release from jail where she was serving 259 days for bankruptcy fraud.

Miller had emergency surgery last June as a result of her diagnosis.

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