'It Was Quite Scary': Why Jodi Anasta Took A Three Week Break From Neighbours

The actress and model juggles her schedule across two cities -- shooting for 'Neighbours' in Melbourne and being a single mum to five-year-old Aleeia back home in Sydney.

On work days, Jodi Anasta is up at 4.30am ahead of twelve-hour shoots, taping four episodes across four days as Elly Conway in the Logie-nominated drama, busily learning her lines in the evenings.

"On Fridays, I finish work and drive to the airport and usually get home quite late, depending on what time I finish, it kind of varies every week," Jodi told 10 daily. 

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But after her intense schedule left her feeling exhausted, both physically and mentally, Jodi knew it was time take a step back and recently chose to take a three weeks off work.

"I just needed… I needed some time. I needed time to kind of get back to myself and have some rest and just rebuild again; internally, externally, the whole thing," she said. 

Jodi explained taking time off work was "quite scary" for her as she was so run down and exhausted.

It was quite scary, I’ve never done that before. As good as it was to take the time off, I wanted to make sure I used the time wisely so I feel like I have.

Jodi, an ambassador for Nurofen Cold & Flu, knew it was important to look after herself because this would impact the well being of her daughter, Aleeia, who she shares with her ex husband and football player, Braith Ansta.

"Being a single mum, if I’m not looking after myself, I certainly am not doing a good job looking after anyone else," she told 10 daily. 

"So I think it really comes back to being in sync with yourself and in tune with your mind, your body, making sure you’re looking after yourself." 

Jodi's five-year-old daughter, who started kindy this year, is shared between their homes.

"It’s not a 'normal' (I mean, define normal) situation but it works because she gets four days with Daddy and his family and then three whole days with Mummy as well," she said. 

"So it’s not normal but it functions really well and, as a result, we have a happy little girl which is all I can ask for."

Jodi said she has a solid support network helping her raise Aleeia, particularly her mum.

"She is incredible," said Jodi of her mum. "She is with me most weekends, helping me out wherever she can or picking up Aleeia if I’m not back in time."

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"Then my brother, my cousins and a lot of my friends I’ve had for ten or 20 years, they’re like my family. And then Braith and [his partner] Rachael are very supportive as well if I need their help or vice versa," she told 10 daily. 

"So together, it’s a village and we make it work." 

When asked about Jodi's break Braith said his focus was his daughter. "It’s up to her (Jodi) to look after herself,” Braith told Confidential.

“I don’t get involved with her personal life. I look after Aleeia and whatever Jodi’s got to do she’s got to do. I’ve got my own family to worry about. As long as Aleeia is taken care of, that’s all that matters.”

Jodi and Braith separated in 2015 but still co-parent Aleeia. Braith has since had another child with his current partner, Rachael Lee.

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