The Machine Chris Hemsworth's Trainer Says Is A Waste Of Time At The Gym

Luke Zocchi is the Hollywood celebrity trainer responsible for transforming Chris Hemsworth's body for 'Thor' and Cate Blanchett for her role as Hela, Marvel's first female villain.

Yet while he's worked with the big names, Luke is all about helping people around the world lead a healthier lifestyle through high intensity interval training (HIIT) and clean eating that's easy to follow.

So we asked Luke to myth bust some of the biggest questions about health and fitness in 2019. Here's what he told 10 daily:

1. What gym machines do you think are a complete waste of time?

"At the end of the day, even a bad machine is better than no workout at all," Luke said.

But any machine that makes it easy isn’t doing much. For example, the elliptical machine with no resistance isn’t doing much you would get more benefit going for a walk.

"The elliptical machine with no resistance isn’t doing much." Image: Getty

Luke added if it's easy, then you aren't getting the most out of your exercises. If you train with intensity and purpose, he doesn't believe you need to train longer than 20 minutes.

2. Do you think HIIT is 'over' as an exercise program?

"No I don’t think HIIT is over at all," Luke said. "The problem is people are doing exercises at high intensity with bad form which creates injuries. To make matters worse if you add weights to these exercises you're doing double the damage."

Luke said he focuses on body weight exercises which dramatically lower the risk of injury as well as structuring his workouts with low impact exercises.

3. Can you really target a specific area when it comes to your body?

You can target a specific area on your body for building muscle. But when it comes to fat loss, I’m sorry, it’s not possible. You can’t spot reduce fat," Luke said.

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"We lose fat as a whole and normally the last part to go are those stubborn areas the lower stomach and lower back," Luke who recently teamed up with W Brisbane, a hotel who have in-room workout videos, said.

Luke said it's all about consistency when it comes to targeting those hard to move areas.

4. Does calorie counting actually work?

"Yes, calorie counting works 100 per cent. But the problem is it is very time consuming and we all live busy lives and who has the time to document everything they eat and put it into an app?" Luke told 10 daily.

Luke said it's better to do a week of calorie counting to have a better understanding of what you're eating instead.

5. What is your best tip for weight loss?

Luke said you can lose weight by eating more when you cut out sugar and processed foods and instead replace them with vegetables.

"Eating this way will let you actually consume more food because they are way less calorie dense than processed foods. You will not feel like you’re on a restricted diet and losing your mind," he said.

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